Making Public Comments at a Stewardship Council Meeting

Public Comment Guidelines for the DCR Stewardship Council

Matthew Perry, DCR Manager of Stewardship Programs and Strategic Initiatives

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As suggested by the Open Meeting Law, the DCR Stewardship Council welcomes comments from the public at each of its meetings. The public comment period provides members of the public an opportunity to express their thoughts and views, which may inform the Council’s deliberations.

The requirements of the Open Meeting Law are the Council’s only statutory responsibilities regarding public participation. Nonetheless, the Council has adopted the following advisory guidelines to further facilitate such participation during its meetings. The guidelines are subject to modification per the Council’s discretion.

Council Guidelines

1. The public comment period is held at the end of the first Regular Business segment of each Council meeting.

2. The Council does not engage in dialogue or answer questions with the public during the comment period. However, councilors may indicate interest in following up on specific matters addressed, and ask speakers brief questions of fact.

3. The amount of time allotted for the public comment period may be limited to 15 minutes to ensure the Council meeting adjourns on schedule.

4. Members of the public are welcome to attend the Council’s committee meetings; however, their participation is at the discretion of the committee chair, and does not take place until all committee agenda items have been addressed.

How to submit   Making Public Comments at a Stewardship Council Meeting

1. Individuals who are interested in speaking during the public comment period must submit their interest before the public comment period of the meeting convenes.

2. Speakers are asked to state their name, town or city, and name of organization (if applicable). They are also asked to address their comments to the chair.

3. Comments are limited to two minutes, which is strictly enforced by the chair.

4. In order to give the most speakers an opportunity to comment, the chair may ask that speakers not repeat comments about a topic that has already been discussed by previous speakers.

5. DCR staff take notes of public comments and will follow-up as appropriate. In the past, the Council has received and/or requested updates on such follow-up during the DCR Report segment of its meetings. If DCR follow-up is not satisfactory, members of the public are welcome to share additional feedback with the Council during a subsequent meeting’s public comment period.

If you are not available to attend the meeting in person, public comments can be emailed to Matthew Perry at and will be forwarded to the Stewardship Council.

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