Pesticide Sales and Use Reporting

As a licensed and certified pesticide applicator or pesticide dealer you are required to submit annual use and sales reports.

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The Details

What you need

Licensed and certified pesticide applicators are required to submit annual reports detailing the quantities of all pesticides used. Pesticide dealers are required to submit annual sales reports for restricted use products. Failure to submit a use report will result in the loss of eligibility for renewal of your license.

Forms will be mailed to each pesticide applicator, dealer, or their company. Forms must be completed and returned to the Division of Crop and Pest Services. Forms are also available for download at this webpage. The annual reports are due in early May.

How to report

Mail Completed Form to:


Division of Crop & Pest Services

251 Causeway Street, 5th Floor

Boston, MA 02114‐2151

More info

  • If YOU are completing this report as an individual applicator, be sure to include all the information requested.   You must complete the remainder of the form.
  • If your employer or company is completing this report FOR YOU, you need not submit your own report.   However you should ask for a copy of the submitted form for your files




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