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Postpone your jury service

If the date you've been summoned to jury service for is inconvenient, you can postpone your service to another date.

Office of Jury Commissioner

The Details   of Postpone your jury service

What you need   for Postpone your jury service

You can postpone your date of service to any available business day within 12 months of your original service date for any reason. The Office of Jury Commissioner (OJC) strongly recommends that you pick a date no more than 11 months from your original date in case you need to postpone again before your deadline.

If you've been summoned for grand jury service, you have limited postponement options and will need to request to defer your service instead. 

There are 3 ways you can postpone your service. 

How to request   Postpone your jury service

You can pick your new jury duty date online and get instant confirmation at the Massachusetts Juror Service website. The website includes an interactive calendar that will give you a choice of all available dates up to a year from your scheduled date. 

  • Available dates are white. 
  • Unavailable dates are gray with an "X." If the calendar doesn't display any available dates, this means that none of the dates in your service period are available, and you'll need to email or call the OJC for help.

If the date you want is available, you'll be automatically approved after submitting your response, although it may take up to 24 hours for the new date to appear on the website.  


To pick your new jury duty date by phone, call the OJC Call Center at (800) 843-5879. 

To pick your new jury duty date by mail, complete Section E of the Juror Confirmation Form that's attached to your summons and send it to the address provided. You'll receive a response by mail. 

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