Register as a payphone provider

Companies seeking to provide payphone services in Massachusetts must register with the Department.

Department of Telecommunications and Cable

The Details of Register as a payphone provider

What you need for Register as a payphone provider

  1. Respond fully to each item on the registration. If an item is not applicable, please explain why. If more space is needed to respond, use a separate sheet of paper.
  2. Regarding item 11 in the registration, all registrants are required to file payphone ownership labels. Failure to do so will delay the registration process.
  3. In addition to responding to items 1 through 11, registrant's signature is required on 3 documents: 1) Requirements for Pay Telephone Service Providers; 2) Affidavit; and 3) Tax Attestation Form. Please note that the affidavit must be notarized.
  4. The registrant is required to have an approved tariff on file with the Department if the registrant is providing operator-assisted services, including those offered via automated voice prompt systems. Please note that the registrant is not required to have a tariff on file if using the services of a state-authorized operator services carrier.
  5. Registrant must receive written permission from the local municipality or property owner before installing payphones, except in instances where municipalities do not have such requirement.

How to register Register as a payphone provider

An original and one copy mailed to the following:

Department of Telecommunications and Cable
1000 Washington Street, Suite 600
Boston, MA 02118

Next steps for Register as a payphone provider

  1. Annual return

    By March 31 of each year, registrant will be required to file an annual return and revenue statement with the Department for the preceding calendar year.

  2. Company name change

    If there is to be a company name change, you should submit an amended tariff, if applicable, reflecting the name change, an amended payphone registration, and a copy of the Amended Foreign Corporation Certificate filed with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Include a cover letter specifying that the name change is the only change being made. Use the same form that you would use for an initial payphone registration. There is a fee of  $100.00 only if a tariff is being amended.

  3. Transfers of ownership

    Although prior approval is not required, any payphone provider who is transferring ownership of the payphones must provide written notification of the transfer to the Department within 30 days of the transaction. The acquiring company must also provide written notification to the Department that the payphone ownership labels have been changed to reflect the change in ownership.

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