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If you have a fraud complaint against a health care licensee, report it to the Health Care Fraud Unit

Division of Professional Licensure

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The Health Care Fraud Unit (HCFU) is an enforcement entity at the Division of Professional Licensure supported by three investigators and three attorneys. The mission of the HCFU is to combat fraud committed by health care professionals and facilities licensed by the Board of Registration of Chiropractors and the Board of Registration of Allied Health ("licensees"). Among other things, the HCFU inspects health care clinics; investigates and prosecutes fraud complaints; negotiates and implements agreements imposing discipline; assists initiatives of the boards of registration; and services requests by public protection agencies and private insurers. Here, licensees are disciplined for deceptive practices such as excessive or false billing; improper referral relationships; charging for services not rendered; selling or sharing provider numbers; offering incentives to beneficiaries; and making false claims about credentials, diagnosis codes, and medical conditions, care, and results.

If you are aware of any illegal or improper activity being committed by a DPL licensee, please do not ignore it. Report it immediately! 



How to report Report Health Care Fraud

If you have a fraud complaint against a health care licensee, you can download an Application for Complaint to complete and return to our Office of Investigations. If you are not sure if a licensee's actions fall into a category of misconduct, please call us at (617) 727-7406.

You may also report suspected fraud committed by licensees via the HCFU Tip Line. Call our confidential Tip Line, which is available on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week, at (617) 727-4499.

Please provide as much information as possible when you call us, including as much detail as possible about who you think is committing fraud and why you suspect fraud.

You can remain anonymous when you call us. If you choose to identify yourself, we will keep this information confidential during our investigation.


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