File a complaint against a health care professional or facility

You have a right to file a complaint with the Bureau of Health Professions Licensure if a health care professional or facility violates standards of professional conduct.

1. Before you start

An illustration to show a a magnifier and a laptop to file an online complaint.

Patients or patient representatives can submit a complaint against a licensee for the Board to review. The preferred method is to use our Online Complaint Portal. There are also paper forms which you can mail to the Board upon request.

1. Be specific in your complaint description and use a separate submission for each person or facility you are filing complaints against. 

2. Include copies of pertinent medical records, correspondence, contracts, photographs, and any other documents that support your complaint.  

3. The Bureau may request treatment or medical records to investigate your complaint if your complaint is about the treatment that you received as a patient. The online complaint portal includes an electronic authorization for the release of records.  

4. Paper complaint forms are available upon request. Please call Bureau of Health Professions Licensure- Office of Public Protection at (617) 973-0865.

2. File your complaint:

We will send the complainant a written notification of any action on the complaint. If we determine your allegations are possible violations of laws or regulations, we will open a complaint for investigation and provide a copy of the complaint to the licensee. 

Anonymous complaints 

We may, in our discretion, investigate an anonymous complaint if:  

  1. The complaint is in writing and that the complaint allegations constitute violations of law or regulations warranting Board action;
  2. Preliminary inquiry reveals enough information to determine that the allegations may be true;
  3. Proving the allegations doesn't need the identification and/or testimony of the person filing the complaint.

All cases are reviewed and prioritized. The highest priority is given to cases where there is a potential or immediate threat of harm to a patient or patients. 

Issues that are outside our authority  

  • Fee disputes, such as payment for missed appointments 
  • Billing disputes, such as the amount a licensee charges for services 
  • Personality conflicts (unless such rises to the level of unprofessional conduct) 

For healthcare fraud reporting: 

You may submit a health care fraud complaint against professionals and facilities licensed by the Board of Registration of Chiropractors and the Board of Registration of Allied Health.

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