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Report your deer harvest

The easiest way to report a harvest is online using MassFishHunt, but you can also go to an official check station. All deer must be reported in person during the first week of shotgun season.
You must report your deer harvest within 48 hours.


The Details of Report your deer harvest

What you need for Report your deer harvest

  • Tagging: Upon harvesting a white-tailed deer, you must immediately fill out and attach the paper tag from your permit to the carcass. Your deer must remain intact (other than field dressing), with the harvest tag attached until it is reported and prepared for food or taxidermy purposes. When you report your harvest online you will have to write the confirmation number on the harvest tag and re-attache it to the carcass.
  • Transporting: When transporting the deer, some portion of the carcass must remain visible until it has been reported.The harvest tag with confirmation number must remain attached to the carcass until  prepared for food or taxidermy purposes. All deer harvested in zones 13 and 14 (Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Elizabeth Islands) must be reported before leaving the islands.
  • Reporting online and in person: You must bring all deer harvested during the 1st week of shotgun deer season to an official check station for biological data collection. Deer harvested during the 2nd week of shotgun season and during all other deer hunting seasons may be reported online through MassFishHunt.


How to report Report your deer harvest

  • Go to MassFishHunt.
  • Use your last name and date of birth along with your first name, customer ID, or postal code to log in.
  • Select Report a Harvest.
  • Select Deer from the harvest menu and click Add to the left of the correct harvest type.
  • You will have to answer a series of questions. You will need to examine your deer to answer some of the questions. Click the question mark icon to the right of each question for help.
  • You will get a confirmation number after completion. You must write this number on the harvest tag (which should still be attached to the harvested deer), where it shall remain until the deer is processed for food or taxidermy purposes.

You can report your harvest at a physical check station.

If you harvest a deer during the 1st week of shotgun season, you must report your deer at a physical check station.

More info for Report your deer harvest

Once you submit your report, you can't edit any information. If you made an error, contact MassWildlife during business hours at (508) 389-6300. Business hours are from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. Outside of these hours you will need to contact the Environmental Police at 1 (800) 632-8075.

Contact for Report your deer harvest

MassWildlife Field Headquarters
1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581

Building is currently closed to the public; please call for assistance.