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Request a reconsideration of mapping

Property owners may request that we reconsider an area mapped as rare species habitat.
A response will be made within 30 days.

Regulatory Review Contact Information

The Details of Request a reconsideration of mapping

What you need for Request a reconsideration of mapping

Any property owner in Priority Habitat may request reconsideration of the delineation affecting that  Owner's property. This is a 2 step process.

Step 1:

Submit a written request for reconsidering the mapping. Within 30 days of the receipt of a request for reconsideration, we shall make available information from our files relating to the delineation and species listing affecting that property. In providing such records, we require a confidentiality agreement and will redact the names and personal information of persons submitting State-listed Species occurrence information affecting a property.

Following the receipt of information used as the basis of the delineation you shall notify the Division in writing if you wish to proceed with the reconsideration.

Step 2:

If you decide to proceed with the reconsideration you shall provide the following information:

  1. Name;
  2. Address;
  3. Ownership interest in the property;
  4. Acreage of the property;
  5. A copy of a USGS topographic map in scale 1:24,000 or 1:25,000 with the property location clearly marked and centered on the page;
  6. A clear statement explaining the reasons for the reconsideration request with specific reference to scientific studies, records, surveys or other information relevant to the request, and;
  7. the required fee listed below.


Fees for Request a reconsideration of mapping

Name Fee Unit
Reconsideration of Mapping $150 each request

How to request Request a reconsideration of mapping

This request must be made in writing by certified mail to the Division.

Next steps for Request a reconsideration of mapping


Within 45 days of its receipt of the information in Step2, we shall (using the criteria in 321 CMR 10.12(2)) issue a written decision either confirming the original delineation or modifying that delineation as we determine is warranted by the additional information submitted.

The decision shall state the grounds for the our determination, and shall be mailed by certified mail to the you.

More info for Request a reconsideration of mapping

This decision shall be considered the final agency action for the purposes of M.G.L. c. 30A. No one may appeal the delineation in the Priority Habitat Map pursuant to c. 30A without first requesting reconsideration as provided above. However, the failure to request reconsideration shall not preclude a you from challenging the Priority Habitat delineation in connection with the review of a Project or Activity pursuant to 321 CMR 10.18 or in any subsequent appeal relating to that review.

Contact for Request a reconsideration of mapping