MA Endangered Species Act (MESA) Regulatory Review

In order to protect rare species and their habitats we review projects & activities proposed within rare species habitat for potential impacts.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the current public health emergency posed by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Governor issued “COVID-19 Order No. 17” on March 26, 2020 (Please see: This Order suspends state permitting deadlines and extends the validity of existing state permits. This suspension applies to all applications submitted or received after the Governor’s state of emergency declaration on March 10, 2020. This suspension also applies to all applications received before but with deadlines occurring after March 10, 2020. The review time period for these applications shall resume 45 days after the termination of the current state of emergency. Until that time, the Division will continue to review applications as quickly as possible. Permits and other authorizations valid as of March 10, 2020 shall not lapse or otherwise expire until the termination of the current state of emergency.

A primary responsibility of ours is to review any proposed projects or activities you may have in rare species habitat (Estimated or Priority Habitat). This is to protect rare species and their habitats.

We will review your plans to determine whether the project will impact state-listed rare species and their habitats. This ensures that you are in compliance with the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act and the Wetlands Protection Act.