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Respond to a dog control violation ticket

Did you receive a ticket for a dog control violation? Find out how to respond to it.
You must pay the ticket or appear in court within 21 days.

District, Housing, and Boston Municipal Courts

The Details

What you need

If you receive a dog control violation ticket from the District Court or Boston Municipal Court, you have 21 days to pay it. The city or town may set its own fines, but if they don't list a fine, the following fines apply to violations within a year:

  • First offense — Case is dismissed with no fine
  • Second offense — $50
  • Third offense — $60
  • Fourth or subsequent offenses — $100 

There are 2 ways to pay the fine.  

How to respond

Pay the fine by mail by sending the correct amount to the address specified on the written notice. 

To pay the fine in person, you can appear in the court you received the ticket from, confess the offense, and pay your ticket. 

More info

If you don’t appear in court and confess the offense or pay the fine in 21 days, the court clerk will issue a criminal complaint and follow the procedure for criminal cases. If you don’t appear in court when the summons requires you to, the clerk will mail you a notice that the complaint is pending and that if you don’t appear in court within 21 days from when the notice was sent, a warrant for your arrest will be issued. 



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