Springfield Data Center - Modification of Office Space

If you want to change or renovate your office space, you must get approval from the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM). Find out how to apply here.

DCAMM Office of Facilities Management and Maintenance


Contact us by email info.dcamm@massmail.state.ma.us

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Any agency wishing to modify or renovate office space must notify DCAMM in advance and receive written approval from DCAMM on the Contractor Work Permit form prior to beginning any such projects. The notification shall include scope of work, the hours during which work will be performed, and the names of the contractors performing the work. Outside contractors hired by agencies to perform services must show written proof of DCAMM approval and workers must have CORI checks performed prior to the project commencing.

For major renovations the tenant must obtain a building permit from the Department of Public Safety at 617-727-3200 and an electrical permit.

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(413) 346-9100

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Terms and Conditions for Renovating or Modifying Office Space by outside vendors:

  • All approved construction shall be performed in a professional manner with only first class materials.
  • Quality control is the responsibility of the applicant and subject to review and inspection by DCAMM.
  • The applicant shall redo or replace at its own expense any work not approved by DCAMM due to material or workmanship.
  • All work is to be performed in a manner causing a minimum of inconvenience to the facility’s employees and the public.
  • The applicant shall not allow the accumulation of debris in or about the work site.

Site clean-up and restoration is the responsibility of the Contractor and is subject to final review for approval by DCAMM.

DCAMM is not responsible for providing materials or labor for any modification or renovation of office space.




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Contact us by email info.dcamm@massmail.state.ma.us


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