WM 04: Herbicide Application

This license grants approval to apply chemicals for the control of nuisance vegetation in water bodies, and keep record of the chemicals used.

MassDEP Wetlands Program

The Details of WM 04: Herbicide Application

What you need for WM 04: Herbicide Application

This license serves two major functions. First, it provides a review of chemical applications to aquatic systems (traditionally lakes and ponds) to ensure that they are being implemented utilizing currently acceptable procedures and materials, in order to maintain environmental and public health to the maximum extent possible under the circumstances. Second, it provides a means for keeping records, for future reference, of chemicals that have been introduced into specific areas.

Anyone wishing to apply chemicals to bodies of water must apply for this permit, except under the following conditions:

  1. When treatment is undertaken by employees and agents of the Departments of Environmental Protection, Environmental Management, and Fisheries, Wildlife and Environmental Law Enforcement, or of the Reclamation Board, or of related Federal agencies, while in the conduct of their official duties; OR
  2. When treatment is undertaken with algicide approved by MassDEP and used by legally established water supply agencies to control taste and odors; OR
  3. When treatment is undertaken in privately owned (single owner) ponds from which there are no flowing outlets.

How to apply WM 04: Herbicide Application

See details in Step 5 below. 

Next steps for WM 04: Herbicide Application

  1. Review the Instructions

  2. Complete the Application Form

    You may fill out and save the Microsoft Word form on your computer. The PDF version has to be printed out and completed by hand.

  3. Obtain a Transmittal Form and Number

    A unique Transmittal Number is needed for each application you submit to MassDEP.

  4. Look up the Permit Application Fee

    See page 62 in the fee schedule below.

  5. Mail your Application and Fee Payment

    Submit your application fee payment and a copy of your Transmittal Form to:

    Department of Environmental Protection
    PO Box 4062
    Boston, MA 02211

    Submit your completed application and a copy of the transmittal form to:

    Department of Environmental Protection
    Division of Watershed Management
    8 New Bond Street
    Worcester, MA 01606

Contact for WM 04: Herbicide Application

1 Winter Street, 5th floor, Boston, MA 02108