WW 13: Renovation of Abandoned Cranberry Bogs

Use this permit if you would like to renovate an eligible abandoned cranberry bog for commercial cranberry cultivation.

MassDEP Wetlands Program

The Details

What you need

The purpose of this permit is to allow the Department to review proposed renovation of abandoned cranberry bogs. Since most of these abandoned cranberry bogs are considered wetland resource areas, there are certain interests that these wetland areas are presumed to protect. A pre-construction review of these proposals allows the Department to consider various mitigating measures, both required and proposed, that protect these interests. All persons who propose to renovate an eligible abandoned cranberry bog for the purpose of commercially raising cranberries must submit a WW 13 application to the MassDEP Regional Office responsible for the community in which the cranberry bog is located. 

How to apply

See details in Step 5 below.

Next steps

  1. Review the Instructions

    Guidance on how to prepare your application, including a completeness checklist. 

  2. Complete the Application Form

    You may fill out and save the Microsoft Word form on your computer. The PDF version has to be printed out and completed by hand. 

  3. Obtain a Transmittal Form and Number

    A unique Transmtital Number is needed for each application you submit to MassDEP.

  4. Look up the Permit Application Fee

    See page 9 of the fee schedule below.

  5. Mail your Application and Fee Payment

    Submit your application fee and a copy of the Transmittal Form to:

    Department of Environmental Protection
    P. O. Box 4062
    Boston, MA 02211

    Submit your completed application and transmittal form to the Wetlands Program in the appropriate MassDEP Regional Office (see listing below).


1 Winter Street, 5th floor, Boston, MA 02108


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