About the Municipal Fiber Grant Program

This competitive grant program will assist municipalities across the Commonwealth with the construction/completion of a municipal fiber network.

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What is the Municipal Fiber Grant Program?

The Municipal Fiber Grant program is a competitive grant program that supports the closing of critical gaps that exist in municipal networks.  Focused on connecting municipality-owned facilities, it will assist municipalities in achieving many critical goals associated with municipal fiber networks, including the following:

  • Growing risk and incidences of cyber security exploits in local government
  • Significant increases in the complexity and expectations of IT infrastructure in local government
  • Expectation that municipal employees should be able to collaborate regardless of physical location
  • Growing need for internet bandwidth, particularly as line of business technology moves to the cloud
  • Growing public expectation that online transactions are made available
  • Growing need for centralized and proactive management of IT infrastructure
  • Increased reliance on technology for school safety and a growing need for centralized security camera management
  • Growing reliance on technology to ensure continuity of government and disaster recovery
  • Growing technology dependency for public safety interoperability, radio backhaul, and emergency operations center

The provision of fiber in communities allows for centralized management of IT infrastructure, including an enterprise approach to network monitoring, cyber security, records management, and backup and recovery. A cohesive municipal network also creates opportunities to gain economies of scale by aggregating internet bandwidth purchases and the associated security infrastructure.

All municipalities are eligible except those awarded grants in FY23.

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