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Apply for jobs at COVID-19 temporary care sites

We're hiring health care and human service care professionals to staff COVID-19 temporary care sites across the Commonwealth.

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How you can help

We're working with COVID-19 Temporary Care Sites across the Commonwealth to recruit health and human services professionals like you. COVID-19 Temporary Care Sites and some long-term care facilities are set up to support COVID-19 positive patients. 

The locations listed below have been established as COVID-19 Temporary Care Sites. We are recruiting for PAID positions in traditional healthcare roles and non-healthcare roles to support COVID-19 Temporary Care Sites while they are in operation.  

Please review the locations of the COVID-19 care sites and roles currently advertised. Click on the links below and you will be directed to the dedicated recruitment website for each of the Temporary Care Sites to register for opportunities. 

Once you register for a specific opportunity, a member of each site’s hiring team will be contacting you to begin the interview process. 

Find available jobs and apply

Various Locations across MA

Long-Term Care Facilities:

As of 4/15, those hired through the LTC registration link (listed below) by a nursing facility are eligible for a $1,000 signing bonus from the state. See further details and qualification criteria here.

Executive Office of Elder Affairs
  • Types of roles: Resident Care Assistants, RN, LPN, CNA/Patient Care Tech, OT, OT aide, PT, PT aide, LICSW, and Activities Coordinator/Activities Therapist
  • Critical need for: Resident Care Assistants (Family and informal caregivers, childcare providers, housekeepers, and all interested in entering the healthcare field are encouraged to apply as RCAs and receive on the job training)
  • Register to work at long-term care facilities. Register for jobs now.


Eastern Massachusetts 

Boston Hope Medical Center (Boston Convention and Expo Center Site):

Boston Hope Medical Center
  • Types of roles: RN, LPN, CNA/Patient Care Tech, PT, OT 
  • Critical need for: RN, LPN, CNA/Patient Care Tech, PT, OT
  • Register to work at Boston Hope Medical Center. Register for jobs now.


Central Massachusetts

DCU Center Temporary Care Site in Worcester:

Change your world
  • Types of roles: RNs, LPNs, PCAs
  • Critical need for: RNs, LPNs, PCAs
  • Register to work at DCU in Worcester. Register for jobs now.

Additional information

There are also volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested in volunteering for the state’s COVID-19 response, including at these sites, you can sign up at MA Responds.

Will PPE be provided for me if I work at these temporary care sites?
Yes, the site will provide PPE for all workers at these temporary care sites. 

How long will I be working for if I sign up? 
Specific sites will reach out with employment details about opportunities after you register. We expect most roles to be hiring for the month of April, with potential to extend for longer. We recognize your personal circumstances may change at any time and you may need to stop. However, any service you can provide will be valuable.

What are the hours? 
Shift details will be determined with specific sites after you sign-up and your availability and role is finalized. 

Can I register for multiple opportunities on this website? 
Yes, we encourage everyone to register for as many opportunities as he/she is interested in. Need for healthcare workers is urgent across the Commonwealth. 

Will I have housing provided if I work at a temporary care site that is far from home? 
Certain care sites may offer temporary housing for workers that are unable to commute daily. If this is applicable to you, please inquire about housing when the hiring team reaches out to you. 

Will I need special, COVID-19 specific training to work at these temporary care sites? 
Each care site will have their own training and on-boarding processes. The hiring team for each site will provide additional details during the hiring process. Some of the hiring locations will provide training prior to hiring.