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Available Funding for Stormwater Projects in Massachusetts

Find details about grant and loan programs.

The table below provides descriptions and links to additional information on federal and state grant and loan programs that fund stormwater and water quality projects in Massachusetts. A PDF version (PDF, 102 KB) is also available.

Looking for other types of state grant opportunities? The Community Grant Finder provides a central location to learn about state grant opportunities for cities and towns.

Funding Table

Funding Source Eligible Projects Eligible Applicants
§319 Nonpoint Source Competitive Grants, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) design, BMP construction, stormwater utilities, feasibility assessment, education and outreach Massachusetts public or private organizations
§604b Water Quality Management Planning Grants, MassDEP Water quality assessment and watershed management planning, BMP design, stormwater utilities Regional planning agencies, counties, conservation districts, municipalities
Buzzards Bay Municipal Grants, Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program BMP design, boat-waste pumpouts, water quality monitoring/assessment Municipalities within the Buzzards Bay watershed
Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loans, MassDEP, Massachusetts Clean Water Trust Stormwater management planning, BMP design, BMP construction, stormwater utilities Municipalities, water districts, wastewater districts
Coastal Habitat and Water Quality Grants, Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Stormwater BMP design, BMP construction, water quality monitoring/assessment, education and outreach Municipalities within the Massachusetts coastal watershed; also nonprofits, regional planning agencies, and stormwater collaboratives in partnership with the above municipalities
Coastal Pollutant Remediation (CPR) Grants, CZM BMP design, BMP construction, boat-waste pumpouts, water quality monitoring/assessment Municipalities within the Massachusetts coastal watershed
Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Program, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Flooding and drainage improvements, planning and capacity building Municipalities and counties (eligibility based on U.S. Census population data)
Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grants, National Fish and Wildlife Federation (NFWF) Design and construction of green infrastructure BMPs, water quality monitoring/assessment, outreach and education Nonprofits, state government agencies, municipal governments, tribes, educational institutions
Hazard Mitigation Grants, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation BMP design, BMP construction (including green infrastructure to reduce flooding hazards) State agencies, tribes, municipal governments
Healthy Communities Grant Program, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Education and outreach, assessment, BMP construction Nonprofits, state government agencies, municipal governments, tribes, educational institutions
Healthy Estuaries Grants, Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Partnership Water quality monitoring/assessment, BMP design Municipalities, nonprofits, regional planning agencies, research and education institutions
Massachusetts Environmental Trust Grants, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Water quality monitoring/assessment, outreach, education, research, BMP design, BMP construction Municipalities, nonprofits
MassWorks Infrastructure Grants, Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development BMP design, BMP construction Municipalities
Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grant Program, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Green infrastructure, smart growth/LID, reduction of impervious cover and other nature-based design and construction projects targeting water quality in the context of climate change vulnerability Municipalities
National Estuary Program Coastal Watersheds Grant, Restore America’s Estuaries/EPA Projects targeting nutrients, loss of habitat, or flooding/coastal erosion within the 28 National Estuary Program watershed geographic areas State, tribal, and other public or nonprofit agencies, institutions, and organizations
Rural Development Water & Waste Disposal Loans & Grants, U.S. Department of Agriculture BMP design, BMP construction State and municipal government, nonprofits, tribes
Southeast New England Coastal Watershed Restoration Program Watershed Implementation Grants, Restore America’s Estuaries and EPA Green infrastructure BMP design, construction, retrofits, and water quality assessment, education and outreach (projects must be located in the Southeast New England Region) Municipalities, counties, state agencies, tribes, regional planning organizations, nonprofits, academic institutions
Southeast New England Network, EPA Training and technical assistance to advance stormwater and watershed management, ecological restoration, and climate resilience (the network is funded by EPA’s Southeast New England Program) Municipalities, organizations, and tribes in the Southeast New England Region
Statewide Water Management Act Grants, MassDEP Water quality assessment, BMP design, BMP construction, stormwater management Massachusetts public water suppliers, municipalities
Stormwater MS4 Municipal Assistance Grant Program, MassDEP Efforts to support requirements of the 2016 small MS4 general permit through resource-sharing partnerships Municipalities or regional planning agencies/nonprofits on behalf of municipalities
Urban Waters Small Grants, EPA Water quality monitoring/assessment, education, outreach, BMP design, BMP construction State and municipal government, nonprofits, tribes, educational institutions, interstate agencies
Water Quality Monitoring Grants, MassDEP Efforts to build or expand capacity for bacteria monitoring data Nonprofits, federally recognized tribes

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