BabySteps Promotion Guide for VITA Sites

These resources will help tax prep volunteers teach clients about the BabySteps Savings Plan and how they can prepare for their child’s future education.

The Office of Economic Empowerment is proud to partner with the Massachusetts Association for Community Action (MASSCAP) to provide resources that will help volunteers teach clients about the BabySteps Savings Plan. We created the resources below to help guide the conversation.

BabySteps Conversation Script
We’ve developed a script with different scenarios to help you talk to families about BabySteps. Download the script and use it as a guide in your meetings during tax preparation sessions.

Form 8888 Flyer
Form 8888 allows filers to split their tax refund into multiple accounts, including education savings accounts. This flyer helps advise on the benefits of using Form 8888.

Sample Social Media Content
We’ve created suggested social media content and graphics for your organization to use, encouraging families to consider learning about the BabySteps Savings Plan and utilizing Form 8888.

Need more information? Visit our YouTube page, download BabySteps materials from our Clearinghouse, or email us at with questions.

BabySteps Enrollment Hubs

BabySteps Enrollment Hubs are community-focused organizations across Massachusetts with resources and trained staff available to help walk families through the BabySteps account enrollment process and answer any questions along the way.

Visit our Enrollment Hubs page to find a participating organization near you.

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