Become A DCR Lifeguarding Instructor (LGI)

DCR lifeguards interested in Head Lifeguard positions are encouraged to complete a Lifeguarding Instructor course. Hiring preference is given to those with a current LGI certification.

Lifeguarding Instructors are authorized by the American Red Cross to teach Lifeguarding, First Aid and CPR/AED certification courses.  DCR utilizes Lifeguarding Instructors to lead in-service training sessions at DCR pools and designated swimming areas.

To qualify for entry into a Lifeguarding Instructor course, candidates must be currently certified in Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED with the American Red Cross and must demonstrate competency during the precourse skills assessment.  The skills assessment is designed to evaluate a lifeguard’s proficiency with the skills in the lifeguarding course including, but not limited to, Adult/Child/Infant CPR, Entries, Approaches, Surface Dives, Submerged Victim Rescue, Extrication with an Assisting Lifeguard, Spinal Stabilization and Backboarding with Extrication.

Instructor candidates who do not demonstrate competency in the precourse skills session prior to the start of the course cannot continue in the Lifeguarding Instructor course. Before the end of the course, instructor candidates must also demonstrate “instructor-level skill proficiency.”

If you feel you are highly competent with First Aid, CPR/AED and Water Rescue Skills and you are interested in sharing your knowledge with future lifeguards, or helping improve the skills set of lifeguards at your facility, the Lifeguarding Instructor course is for you!

Instructor candidates gain valuable experience in public speaking, developing a “critical eye” when analyzing skill performance, providing feedback in a nonjudgmental way, and leading in-service training. Becoming an LGI is a perfect step forward in aquatic career!

DCR-Sponsored LGI Training

Most LGI candidates take the LGI course while away at college or at times/locations that are convenient to their schedule.  These instructor candidates assume the full cost of the course knowing that the increase in pay they will become eligible for will more than cover the cost of the course.  They recognize that this is a wise investment.

DCR will, at times, sponsor a Lifeguarding Instructor course at no cost to DCR employees (or future employees) at various locations across the Commonwealth. Participation in a DCR-sponsored course carries the expectation that the candidate will work for DCR during the upcoming summer.  Persons who participate in the training but do not end up working for DCR will be responsible for the full cost of the course.  (Prices vary $300-$500). 

Course Name



Lifeguarding Instructor



Wait List for LGI Training

If you would like to be put on a wait list for a future LGI class, please let us know! Contact your Regional PWS contact and let them know you are interested in taking an LGI course.

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