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BH-JI Information for MassHealth Members

Learn about BH-JI eligibility and services.

Table of Contents

Qualification for the BH-JI program

In general, a person qualifies for BH-JI if they:

  • Have substance use and/or mental health needs;
  • Need help meeting their health and social needs;
  • Are involved with the criminal justice system:
    • are being released from jail or prison within six months,
    • were recently released from jail or prison within a year,
    • or are on probation or parole; and
  • Are eligible for MassHealth.

BH-JI Supports

A person will meet with a trained BH-JI navigator. The BH-JI navigator will work with them to find the right health care services and social supports.

BH-JI supports can include:

  • In-reach and re-entry supports;
  • Assisting with scheduling and keeping health appointments;
  • Assisting with getting social services and benefits; and
  • Developing a safety plan and providing on-call crisis support as needed.

Accessing the BH-JI Program

A justice-involved individual may contact a BH-JI vendor in their area directly (see below). A person enrolled in a MassHealth managed care plan may contact their Plan for information about Community Support Program for Individuals with Justice Involvement (CSP-JI) providers in their area and the process to enroll in the program.

Find a Behavioral Health for Justice Involved Individuals (BH-JI) vendor | Mass.gov


For questions about BH-JI, please email: BHJIContractManagement@umassmed.edu.


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