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BH-JI Information for Providers and Managed Care Plans

Find information on BH-JI provider partners helpful member related information, and related provider forms, BH-JI trainings and other resources.

Overview for Providers and Managed Care Plans 

BH-JI providers are a resource and support for coordinating with the member’s providers and managed care plan. BH-JI providers discuss coordinating provision of services and supports, methods of warm hand-offs, and sharing of information with other service providers and plans, but do not duplicate functions performed by other providers outside of the program. The BH-JI providers will convene regional implementation meetings with local justice entities, MassHealth managed care plans, other providers, and other agencies. 

On September 1, 2022, EOHHS implemented post-release community supports through Community Support Program Services for Individuals with Justice Involvement (CSP-JI) in its contracts with MCOs, ACPPs, and the State’s behavioral health vendor. As of January 1, 2023, these services were effective in the One Care and SCO plan contracts. Some individuals receiving CSP-JI services previously received Behavioral Health Supports for Individuals with Justice Involvement (BH-JI).  

Additional eligible providers may contract with managed care plans to provide CSP-JI. For more information on CSP-JI, please see MassHealth Managed Care Bulletin 99CSP Regulations: 130 CMR 461, and 101 CMR 362

Table of Contents

BH-JI Member Eligibility

In general, a person may be eligible for BH-JI if they:

  • Have a substance use disorder, mental health condition, or both;
  • Need help meeting health and social needs;
  • Are expecting to be released from jail or prison within six months, have been released from jail or prison within a year, or are on probation or parole; and
  • Are eligible for MassHealth.

For more on CSP-JI eligibility, please see MassHealth Guidelines for Medical Necessity Determination for Community Support Program

BH-JI Supports

BH-JI Supports can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • In-reach and re-entry supports;
  • Assisting with scheduling and keeping medical, substance use, and behavioral health appointments;
  • Assisting with accessing social services and benefits; and
  • Developing a Safety Plan and providing on-call crisis support as needed.

For information on CSP-JI Services, please see CSP Regulations:130 CMR 461 


For questions about BH-JI, please email BHJIContractManagement@umassmed.edu

BH-JI Support Areas

A map showing the BH-JI Support Areas

You can also search for a specific town on the Find a BH-JI Vendor page here.

BH-JI Referral Forms

Now available: one referral form can be used for all BH-JI vendors:  

Universal BHJI Referral Form: PDF | Word


For questions about the BH-JI initiative, please email BHJIContractManagement@umassmed.edu.


BH-JI Navigator Trainings

MassHealth has partnered with ForHealth Consulting to developed free trainings that are available to BH-JI/CSP-JI staff, in addition to any others who are interested in providing supports for justice involved populations. 

Ruzuku Course Name  Link to Self-Enroll 
BH-JI Navigator Training-Probation 101  app.ruzuku.com/courses/83099/enroll  
BH-JI Navigator Training Recorded Trainings 2022  app.ruzuku.com/courses/82915/enroll  
Course 1 - 2022 BH-JI - Navigator Training  app.ruzuku.com/courses/81784/enroll  
Course 2 - 2022 BH-JI Navigator Training  app.ruzuku.com/courses/82225/enroll 
Behavioral Health Justice Involved (BHJI) - Navigator Training  app.ruzuku.com/courses/81566/enroll 
Behavioral Health Justice Involved (BHJI) Navigator Training  app.ruzuku.com/courses/64875/enroll 

Additional Resources

See the Find a Behavioral Health for Justice-Involved Individuals (BH-JI) Vendor page for vendor contact information.

For other supporting materials, please see the BH-JI Supporting Resources page.

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