Brownfield Information for Municipalities

Your eligibility for the different types of Brownfield incentives will depend upon your liability status. This page provides Brownfield eligibility information for Municipalities.

Many parties participate in Brownfield developments, and non-profit organizations can play an important role.  Please check out the links below.

MassDEP Involvement

Massachusetts provides technical assistance through its Regional Brownfields Coordinators. These staff can help municipalities navigate through the process.

In addition, the Massachusetts cleanup laws provide regulatory incentives for municipalities to undertake Brownfield redevelopment, including a municipal exemption from liability under certain conditions and through the definition of "Eligible Persons".

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Liability Relief

The Office of the Attorney General implements the "Covenant Not to Sue" Program which offers liability relief as a means of making Brownfield redevelopment happen.

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Assessment and Remediation Funding

There are a number of funding sources open to Municipalities interested in Brownfields redevelopment.  First, communities should take full advantage of funding available for planning and directing potential economic development.  Other funding is directed primarily towards the assessment of sites - work to understand what contamination is present and what cleanup would be required for a successful development project.  Separate funding may also be available to conduct all or part of the cleanup.

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Tax Incentives

Contact for Brownfield Information for Municipalities


For general program information, please email your questions to: Email MassDEP Waste Site Cleanup Program Contact Information at
For specific questions about waste site cleanup regulations and requirements: Email MassDEP Waste Site Cleanup Program Contact Information at


(1) Call your local Fire Department, then (2) Call MassDEP - 24/7

MassDEP Boston Headquarters - ask for the Waste Site Cleanup program

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