Check your eligibility to apply for Wheelchair Lemon Law Arbitration

The Wheelchair Lemon Law protects you if your new or leased customized wheelchair has defects.


Use the questions below to help determine if you may be eligible for arbitration:

  • Is your customized wheelchair's use, value, or safety substantially impacted by a defect? The wheelchair must have at least one substantial defect that has been subject to repair four (4) or more times, or  has been out of service for reason of repair for at least 30 days, during the first year of ownership. You also cannot be responsible for the problem (for example: owner negligence, damage caused by accident (except as a result of the defect) vandalism, or attempts by others to repair the customized wheelchair). 
  • Did you purchase or lease the wheelchair in Massachusetts? In order to attend arbitration, the wheelchair must have been purchased or leased in Massachusetts. If you purchased the wheelchair online, contact the Attorney General’s office at (617) 727-8400, as the AGO has agreed to accept complaints about online businesses.
  • When did you purchase or lease the wheelchair? The wheelchair lemon law provides consumers with a one-year warranty that begins the day they take delivery of the wheelchair.
  • Did you pay some or all of the costs of the wheelchair out of pocket? In order to attend arbitration, you must have paid some or all of the costs. If the wheelchair was paid for by public or private insurance, contact your insurance provider directly.  If the wheelchair was paid for by private insurance, contact our Office’s Division of Insurance. 
  • Was the wheelchair new or used? Used wheelchairs are not eligible for arbitration. Consumers with used customized wheelchairs should contact the individual or business where you obtained the wheelchair

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