Chemical Use Record Keeping

OTA has provided this spreadsheet to help you track chemical use for regulatory compliance or your facility's internal record keeping. This tool is especially useful for spray booth record keeping.

Before you start

  1. Download the Record Keeping Tool (spreadsheet)
  2. Download the Complete Instructions for Using the Records Spreadsheet (PDF).
  3. Gather your facility's chemical use and mixture usage data.

Contact OTA if you need assistance using the tool or understanding chemical use or spray booth record keeping requirements.

Additional Resources

Using the spreadsheet

Before you begin recording data you need to set up the spreadsheet.

  1. Go to the Chemicals worksheet.
  2. Click on Enable Content box on the Security Warning yellow line at the top of the page.
  3. Change the starting year (if necessary) using the up & down arrows and select the starting month along with "usage by" (month or day) from the popup lists. Please note that the decision to keep daily or monthly records should be based largely upon the applicable regulatory requirements.
  4. Click on the Initialize Months button to set up the Usages sheet with 12 months worth of space to enter your data. If you chose to record daily then this process may take a few minutes. Once this is done several things will happen:
    • The Initialize Months button will disappear.
    • The starting month, starting year, and "usage by" fields on the Chemicals sheet will be locked (not gray) and can no longer be changed.
    • 3 other buttons will become enabled: New Month (on the Usages sheet), Add More Mixtures, Add More Chemicals. Please note that the lower part of the green box is used only when you need to add more lines to the chemicals or mixtures lists.

After this initial setup has been done you will use the New Month button to add additional space (beyond the initial 12 months of space allocated) for data entry. This button will only allow you to add and enter data for one month at a time. If you have not entered data for the last month it will not add space for a new month. On the rare occasion that you need to get around this, check the Tips and Tricks section.

The reason for this behavior is that the Results sheet only shows the total chemical use for the last 12 months entered. If you were to add space for future data entry, you would be dropping those earlier months prematurely from the 12 month rolling window.

Notice about the record keeping spreadsheet tool

This program may be used for any purpose but may not be republished without attribution to the source. The program is provided "as-is" without expressed or implied warranties. Because of the diversity of conditions under which this program may be used, it may not meet your requirements.

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