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Coastlines 2008

Find an index for this magazine focusing on the connections between land activities and water quality by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

Coastlines 2008 (PDF, 9 MB) - This edition of the CZM magazine discusses how actions on land affect coastal water quality and gives detailed information on what people can do to help. See the table of contents below for article listings and page numbers.

Table of Contents

The Blue Green Connection - Feature Articles
  • The Blue-Green Connection - Editor's Note, p. 1.
  • Letter from the Director, p. 2.
  • Global Climate Change—Leading by Example in Massachusetts, p. 3.
  • Think Green-Blue: Act on Land, Air, and Sea, p. 5.
    • CZM's Robin Lacey Named Educator of the Year by Mass Marine Trades, p. 7.
    • Bay State Banning Boat Sewage!, p. 10.
  • A Greener Cleaner, p. 11.
  • Swimming, Sunning, and Talkin' Trash: All in a Day at the Beach!, p. 14.
    • Paper or Plastic??, p. 20.
  • COASTSWEEP: 20+ Years of Cleaner Beaches, p. 22.
    • Things You Can Do to Be Clean and Blue-Green…, p. 24.
  • Greenscapes for a Blue Planet, p. 25.
    • Through Rain, Sleet, and Snow…, p. 28.
    • Roll Out the Rain Barrels, p. 29.
  • A Landscape Fit for the Sea, p. 30.
  • Environmental Reflections on the Best Job in the World, p. 32.
    • The Birds of the Harbor Islands, p. 35.
  • Conservation Commissions in Action on the Coast, p. 36.
  • 30 Years of Coastal Zone Management/30 Easy, Every Day Tips for a Greener, Bluer World, p. 38.
  • Greener Green, Inc.: The Business of Building Green, p. 47.
    • Leading by Example: Living with Ed, p. 49.
  • Living Off the Grid, p. 51.
    • These Bills Are Killing Me!, p. 53.
    • Take Your Energy Use by the Reins and Lower Your Bills, p. 53.
  • Real People Redefining Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, p. 54.
  • Buying Power: Think Globally, Eat Locally, p. 59.
    • Don't Forget Local Seafood!, p. 61.
    • Meet a Burgeoning Localvore, p. 62.
Ebb & Flow - Additional Articles
  • The Remains of the H.M.S. Somerset, p. 66.
    • Shipwrecks: Under-the-Sea Landscapes with Environmental Implications, p. 68.
  • Outsmarting the Storm: The Massachusetts StormSmart Coasts Program, p. 69.
  • CZ-Science: Sea Level Rise and Shrinking Salt Marsh, p. 72.
    • Global Warming for Dummies, p. 75.
  • One Small, Man-Made Leap for Herring…One Large Leap Forward for the Mystic River, p. 77.
  • The Public Trust Doctrine in Massachusetts Coastal Law, p. 81.
  • Focus on Coastal Towns: Provincetown, p. 83.
  • "Printed on Recycled Paper" - What Does It Mean?, p. 87.

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