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Coastlines Winter 2004-2005

Find an index for this magazine focusing on coastal and marine habitats by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

Coastlines 2004-2005 (PDF, 32 MB) - This edition of the CZM magazine focuses on coastal and marine habitats. See the table of contents below for article listings and page numbers.

Table of Contents

Marine & Coastal Habitats of the Commonwealth - Feature Articles
  • Letter from Secretary Herzfelder on Managing Ocean Resources, p. i.
  • From Dune to Shining Sea: The Coastal and Marine Habitats of Massachusetts, p. 3.
    • Quidquid Latine Dictum Sit, Altum Viditur, p. 4.
    • a, B, c,d..."B" Is for Bird, p. 5.
    • The Habitat Connection, p. 6.
    • Beach Profiles: Who's Who on the Beach and Beyond, p. 9.
    • Scale: Habitat Is in the Eye of the Inhabitant, p. 13.
    • Moving on Up (and Down): Habitats of the Lobster Lifecycle, p. 14.
    • CZM's Marine Habitat Fellowship, p. 17.
  • Spotlight on Eelgrass: A Species and Habitat at Risk, p. 18.
    • Eelgrass: Its Habits and Habitats, p. 23.
  • Tide Pools—Depths Observable from Dry Land, p. 24.
  • Deep-Sea Corals: Ancient Forests in the Depths, p. 26.
    • Seamounts, the Habitat of Deep Sea Corals, p. 27.
  • CZ-Science: Mapping the Geology of the Seafloor, p. 28.
  • Urban Marine Habitats—Spotlight on Gloucester Harbor, p. 30.
  • The Life History and Habitat Requirements of Atlantic Cod: The Story Behind a Plate of Fish & Chips, p. 34.
    • Essential Fish Habitat and Fishery Management, p. 37.
  • Habitat Found: What’s Good for the Gull’s NOT Good for the Plover, p. 39.
  • Precious Cargo: Shipwrecks as Habitat, p. 42.
Ebb & Flow - Additional Articles
  • Focus on Coastal Towns: That’s Quin-zee to You…, p. 46.
    • Kilroy Was Everywhere, p. 47.
  • Joint Ventures and Adventures in Coastal Wetlands Restoration, p. 48.
    • It's a Beautiful Mid-September Afternoon, p. 49.
  • The Economic and Environmental Challenges of Marinas in Massachusetts, p. 51.
  • Buzzards Bay: Before and Beyond Bouchard, p. 53.
  • There Goes the Neighborhood: The 2003 Northeast Invasive Species Survey, p. 56.
  • Massachusetts Most Wanted, p. 59.
  • GoMOOS: A Virtual Link to the Gulf of Maine, p. 60.
  • Ask Joe: All About Habitat, p. 61.
  • Not Just for Kids: Gyotoku, p. 62.

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