Compliance Tools developed by the Statewide Accessibility Initiative

Find helpful tools and information on common accessibility issues.

The Statewide Accessibility Initiative (SAI) develops tools and information and compiles resources to assist Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAMM) staff, design teams, facility managers, and contractors in understanding common accessibility issues.

The following are some of the tools SAI has developed:

Comparison of MAAB vs. 2010 Standards

DCAMM Scoping Form for MAAB Compliance
This form is a step-by-step electronic document for determining whether a repair or renovation triggers compliance with the MAAB (521CMR). It only addresses accessibility obligations under the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board (MAAB) Rules and Regulations and does not include scoping for ADA obligations. This form is available in alternate formats upon request.

How to measure door pressure video
Doors that are hard to open are one of the most common barriers to accessibility. This video explains how to measure and adjust the door pressure to be made more accessible.

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