DCAMM Statewide Accessibility Initiative’s Program

The Statewide Accessibility Initiative (SAI) works closely with state agencies to achieve strategic compliance with federal and state accessibility regulations.

Planning for strategic ADA compliance:

  • Evaluating whether agencies’ programs, services and facilities are non-discriminatory
  • Setting priorities for policy changes, program access, and barrier removal
  • Creating implementation plans that lay out compliance actions and capital funding needs

Ensuring  accessibility compliance for all Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) projects:

  • Assisting architects in understanding accessibility regulations
  • Broaden awareness to include universal design principles
  • Reviewing design and construction documents for compliance
  • Developing creative and innovative solutions to promote accessibility
  • Development of “best practices” to meet the needs of diverse users of Commonwealth programs and facilities

Training DCAMM staff, facility managers, and consultants to keep accessibility in mind in building design and operations

  • Developing easy-to-use tools and resources

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