Court education programs

The Massachusetts Court System provides many educational programs for parents, teachers, and students.

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Student tours of John Adams State House

Teachers, students, and visitors of all ages are invited to visit the historic John Adams Courthouse, headquarters of the Massachusetts judicial branch. Conveniently located on Pemberton Square between the Massachusetts State House and Government Center, the John Adams Courthouse houses the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the Massachusetts Appeals Court, and the Social Law Library, the nation's oldest law library. The John Adams Courthouse is generally open for visitors on normal business days, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Court sessions are open to the public. To learn more about student tours, view Visit the John Adams Courthouse or send an email to

Judicial Youth Corps

The Judicial Youth Corps (JYC) Program is an educational spring and summer internship that teaches high school students about the Massachusetts court system and rule of law. Students are taught and mentored by judges, lawyers, clerks, probation officers and other court personnel who volunteer their time in educational sessions or as work supervisors. Students participate in a mock trial, field trips, group discussions, and much more. The JYC program, run out of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, offers two sessions in the spring and summer. Students who are accepted into the program must attend both sessions.

Judicial Institute

The mission of the Judicial Institute is to provide coordinated educational services, skills training, and professional development for judicial and non-judicial personnel of the Massachusetts Trial Court. The Judicial Institute's mission also embodies a commitment to improve the courts' response to change and believes that professional development offers the means to improve morale, communication, performance, service, and the administration of justice.

Established by statute in 1988, the Judicial Institute continues to meet its mission by developing educational and professional development programs for judges and other Trial Court employees and by building networks with the larger academic community.


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