COVID-19 Important Notices and Links

A collection of COVID-19 related documents for DYS staff

Important Notices & Resources

COVID-19 Important Notices and Links:

COVID-19 Vaccinations for Congregate Care Settings

Fully vaccinated staff guidance on exposure and return to work

Meals in residential Setting COVID-19 Updated July 1 2022

Activity Protocol COVID-19 for Residential Settings Updated July 1 2021

DYS New Intake Quarantine July 1 2022

DYS Close Contact Quarantine July 1 2022

Modifications to Visitation Guidance and Passes Protocols during COVID 19 Updated July 1 2022

DYS COVID-19 Prevention Protocols Post-Vaccination Congregate Care Family Communication 2-26-21

DYS Managing COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects for Staff

DYS COVID-19 Vaccine Youth Guidance Jan 2021

14-10-7-day COVID-19 Quarantine Information

DYS Return to Work Guidance

MDPH Considerations for Recovered Table

Protocol for Medical Isolation July 1 2022

Re-opening Guidance for DYS Community Operations Staff

DYS Home Isolation Guidance October 7 2020

DYS PPE Guidance October 7 2020

DYS Covid-19 Guidance for Transportation July 2022

DYS Vehicle Sanitation Checklist

DYS COVID-19 Protocol for Quarantining New Intakes

DYS Screening Questionnaire for COVID-19 Revised 7-1-2022

Guide for DYS Screeners COVID-19 Revised 4-20-2021

DYS Protocol for Youth in Residential Settings Attending and Returning from Court Appearances during COVID-19 7-17-20

Sample Contact Flyer for Visiting Family Member

Visit Protocol for Family Members COVID-19

Visitor Information Sheet for Families During COVID-19

DYS Advisory Cessation of Routine Quarantine

DYS Protocol Covid-19 Exposure Risk Assessment

DYS COVID-19 Screening Protocol for DYS Facilities Updated 4-21-2021

DYS COVID-19 Protocol for Quarantining Close Contacts

DYS Interim Advisory Regarding Bail Processing

DYS Emergency Guidance Regarding Virtual Teaching via Video

DYS Emergency Guidance on Telemedicine

DYS Youth Wellness Check-in During COVID-19

DYS Guidance on Mask Use and Regarding Use

DYS Updated Residential and Congregate Care Guidance

DYS Quarantining Close Contacts of COVID-19

Quarantining DYS New Intakes

Emergency Guidance re Virtual Court Hearings

DYS Emergency Guidance regarding Virtual Family Visits

DYS COVID-19 Visitor Screening

Emergency Guidance regarding Attorney Access to Clients

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Interim Guidance

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