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COVID-19 vaccinations for congregate care settings

COVID-19 vaccine information for residential congregate care programs.

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Vaccination locations

There are three vaccination options for staff and residents who do not plan to be vaccinated through the Federal Pharmacy Partnership program (FPPP) with CVS and Walgreens:

  1. Organizations that have the appropriate clinical capabilities may apply to directly receive and administer COVID-19 vaccines;
  2. Organizations may leverage existing pharmacy partnerships or a relationship with a medical provider, or use to search for appointments. Preregistration is closed.

CVS and/or Walgreens have reached out to organizations participating in the FPP program. Please contact your agency point of contact, contact information below, for support if you have any questions about your organization’s participation in the FPP program.

Correctional facilities staff will receive information on vaccines, including scheduling, from their employers.

Appointment documentation

Learn how to prepare for your appointment and what you need to bring with you.

You will never be asked for a credit card number to make an appointment.

Information for congregate care organizations

Vaccine Deployment Options

 Option #1: Program “Self-Administration” 

Organizations that have the capability to directly receive and administer COVID-19 vaccines can request vaccine from the Department of Public Health after meeting the following requirements. Self-administering organizations must plan to vaccinate more than 200 individuals. Programs may partner to reach the threshold.   

  1. Review the DPH Guide for Applying to Administer the COVID-19 Vaccine.
  2. Onboard to DPH’s Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS) and enroll in the Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccine Program (MCVP).
    1. If your site is not fully registered and on-boarded to submit vaccine-administered data to (MIIS) email
    2. If you did not receive the MCVP Enrollment Form email
  3. Identify a practitioner to write a Standing Order for Administering Vaccine.
  1. Adhere to screening, onsite protocols, consent, tracking and second dose guidance.
  2. Additional guidance can be found here

Option #2: Leverage Existing Pharmacy Partnerships or other Medical Provider Relationships 

Programs may have existing pharmacy partnerships through regular flu vaccine clinics, and/or other existing relationships with local hospitals, community health centers, university health centers, or VNAs, and these partnerships may be leveraged to administer COVID-19 vaccines.  

Programs are encouraged to contact existing partners to determine if they have the capacity to operate a vaccine clinic or mobile vaccine distribution. If you identify a clinical partner, your agency contact can work with DPH to ensure your clinical partner is allocated vaccine.

Option #3: Other Vaccination Clinic Sites 

Provider and pharmacy locations all can be found on

Note: Additional, program-specific guidance will be given for situations requiring sensitivity to protect confidentiality and other unique program considerations.

DPH and EOHHS are exploring additional avenues for local vaccine clinics and mobile vaccine distribution and will work with providers needing assistance to find a solution for your site. Additional information and locations will be shared and posted here as it is available.

Please contact your agency point of contact for support. The point of contact for each agency will be actively engaged with providers to ensure questions are answered and any issues are coordinated, elevated, and resolved. The points of contact will work actively with providers on the options currently outlined to ensure that the providers have implementation plans for each of their congregate care and shelter settings.


Agency Points of Contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Download: Frequently Asked Questions about the Massachusetts COVID Vaccine Program (MCVP) for Residential Congregate Care and Shelter Programs