COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative: Mobile vaccination services

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is offering mobile, on-site vaccination clinics in locations that optimize access for priority populations.

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What are mobile vaccination clinics?

Vaccinations provided by mobile clinics are delivered by qualified clinical staff, including nurses, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians.  

Mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinics include registration for vaccine appointments, sharing information about the vaccine, giving the vaccine, observation by clinical staff after getting the vaccine, and scheduling of follow-up appointments for second doses (if needed). Flu vaccines may also be offered, depending on their availability.

The state offers mobile pop-up vaccination clinics that take place in a community-based setting like a community center, auditorium, or tent. They usually are set up short-term, such as for a day or evening. 


Examples of settings where mobile clinics may help individuals conveniently access vaccination services:  

  • Faith-based organizations, in coordination with religious services; 

  • Neighborhoods with limited access to public transportation; 

  • Residential areas with high numbers of prioritized populations; 

  • Venues/locations that are responsive to the needs of individuals with disabilities; 

  • Emergency shelters and other locations that are responsive to emergent situations. 


Mobile vaccination clinics are prioritized for the 20 municipalities most disproportionately impacted by COVID-19; clinics may also be deployed to meet the needs of prioritized populations across the Commonwealth. 

Prioritized populations include: 

  • Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Latinx individuals 

  • Individuals who do not speak English, or who prefer to speak in another language 

  • Individuals who do not have access to transportation, either personal or public, or who face barriers getting to a vaccination location 

  • Individuals who do not feel comfortable receiving the vaccine in a traditional healthcare setting 

  • Individuals with disabilities and those who have access and functional needs 

  • Individuals experiencing homelessness 

  • Individuals with mental illness and/or residents with substance use disorder 

  • Individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ 


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