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Cranberry Point Energy Storage

EFSB 21-02/D.P.U. 22-59: EFSB 21-02/D.P.U. 22-59: Pursuant to G.L. c. 164, § 69J¼, Cranberry Point Energy Storage, LLC (“Cranberry Point” or the “Company”) filed a petition with the Energy Facilities Siting Board (“Siting Board”), filed a petition to construct a 150 megawatt (“MW”), 300 megawatt-hour (“MWh”), battery energy storage system and ancillary electrical equipment to be located on a six-acre parcel of land at 31R Main Street, Carver, Massachusetts (the “Project”).

Table of Contents

Evidentiary Hearings

The Siting Board conducted evidentiary hearings for the Project using Zoom videoconferencing beginning on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 to Tuesday, November 1, 2022.  Video recordings of the hearings can be accessed at the DPU YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCklPj6xxSKww-Kr26lEZVTA/videos

Public Comment Hearing

The Siting Board conducted a second remote public comment hearing regarding the Project using Zoom videoconferencing on Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

A recording of the public comment hearing was posted to the Department’s YouTube channel after the public comment hearing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDIUqblACGM.  The transcript is available at:  https://fileservice.eea.comacloud.net/FileService.Api/file/FileRoom/15237905.

A copy of the full notice can be accessed at the following link: [link tbd]

Written Comments

The Siting Board will accept written comments on the Project.  Written comments will be most useful to the Siting Board if submitted by Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

Participation in Proceedings

Persons or groups who wish to be involved in the Siting Board proceeding beyond providing comments at the public comment hearing or submitting written comments may seek either to intervene as a party or to participate as a limited participant.  A petition to intervene or participate must be filed with the Siting Board in electronic format, by email or email attachment, to dpu.efiling@mass.gov and to andre.gibeau@mass.gov no later than the close of business (5:00 p.m.) on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

For those individuals and groups that are “substantially and specifically” affected by energy proposals, and wish to participate actively in the proceeding, please visit the link below to learn more.

File a petition to intervene in an EFSB or DPU Siting case | Mass.gov

Important Dates

This section will be updated when the EFSB develops a procedural schedule for this proceeding.  The latest procedural schedule is available at:  https://fileservice.eea.comacloud.net/FileService.Api/file/FileRoom/15418057

August 27, 2021:  Company Files Petition with Siting Board

November 28, 2021:  Siting Board Conducts First Public Comment Hearing

May 11, 2022:  Company Files Zoning Petition with Siting Board

July 12, 2022:  Siting Board Conducts Second Public Comment Hearing

October 26, 2022:  Siting Board Begins Evidentiary Hearings

October 31, 2022:  Siting Board Concludes Evidentiary Hearings

November 8, 2022:  Deadline for Record Requests

November 22, 2022:  Deadline for Initial Briefs

December 13, 2022:  Deadline for Reply Briefs

Project Information

Cranberry Point proposes to construct a 150 MW/300 MWh battery energy storage system with adjacent electrical equipment to be located at 31R Main Street in Carver.  The proposed six-acre Project Site consists of undeveloped land located south of NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource Energy’s (“Eversource”) existing Carver Substation, east of an existing electrical right-of-way, north and west of cranberry bogs.  The Project would use lithium-ion batteries located inside above-ground self-contained enclosures; the dimensions of a single enclosure would be approximately 23.5 feet long, 5.4 feet wide, and 8.3 feet tall.  Cranberry Point would initially install approximately 116 enclosures, with space open at the end of each enclosure to accommodate additional battery units in the future as the initial set of batteries lose capacity over time.  Pairs of battery enclosures would connect to step-up transformers, which in turn connect to a new Project substation.  The Project substation would include a single transformer, circuit breakers, and a cable riser structure. 

Eversource would construct a new switching station on the western portion of the six-acre parcel; the switching station is necessary for the Project to interconnect with the electric transmission system.  Major equipment in the switching station would include three circuit breakers.  Eversource would also install two new transmission structures in its right-of-way near the Carver Substation. 

The Company proposes two routes to access the battery enclosures.  Cranberry Point would improve the existing approximately 530-foot-long gravel access driveway from Main Street to the Project Site to a width of 20 feet and extend it farther south on the east side of the Project Site to allow for emergency vehicle  access.  The Project Site would also have an additional access point on the northwest corner.  A map and rendering of the Project Site are included at the end of this Notice. 

The Project would absorb electrical energy during off-peak hours, store the energy, and then release electrical energy onto the electric grid during times of peak demand.  The Company states that the Project would improve the reliability and efficiency of the electric grid by storing electrical energy generated during off-peak periods, when there is a surplus of low-cost energy available, and dispatching the electrical energy into the grid during peak periods.  A figure showing the layout of the Project is provided in the below links.

Project Filing with EFSB

The Companies filed two related petitions with the Siting Board and Department, which have been consolidated into one proceeding.  The petition to construct the Project includes the following information: (1) a description of the Project; (2) an analysis of the need for the Project; (3) a description of the alternatives to the Project; and (4) a description of the environmental impacts of the Project. 

All documents related filed in relation to a proceeding are posted to the DPU Fileroom.  The Fileroom page for a proceeding represents the official record for that proceeding.  The public can access the Fileroom page for this proceeding at the following link:

Accommodation Requests

The EFSB has standardized procedures for requesting special accommodations in a proceeding.  Reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities are available upon request.  Include a complete description of the accommodation you will need and a way we can contact you if we need more information.  Please provide as much advance notice as possible.  Please allow at least two weeks (14 days) advance notice. Last minute requests will be accepted, but we may be unable to fulfill the request. Please send your requests to: Melixza G. Esenyie, ADA and Diversity Manager at the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs at Melixza.Esenyie2@mass.gov or call 617-626-1282.

Interpretation services for those with limited English language proficiency are available upon request.  Include in your request the language required, and a way to contact you if the Presiding Officer needs more information.  Please provide as much advance notice as possible.  Last minute requests may not be able to be accommodated.  Contact the Presiding Officer (contact information below).

Siting Board Statues and Regulations

The Company’s two petitions have been consolidated for hearing before the Siting Board under docket number EFSB 21-02/D.P.U. 22-59.  Under G.L. c. 164, § 69J, the Siting Board will review the Companies’ filing to determine whether the Project would provide a reliable energy supply for the Commonwealth with a minimum impact on the environment at the lowest possible cost.  Under G.L. c. 164 § 72, the Siting Board will determine whether the proposed Project is necessary for the purposes stated, serves the public convenience, and is consistent with the public interest.  Under G.L. c. 40A, §3, the Siting Board will review the Zoning Petition to determine whether the zoning exemption is required for the Project, and if the proposed use of the land or structure is reasonably necessary for the convenience or welfare of the public.

Please visit the link below to learn more.

Energy facility siting laws and regulations | Mass.gov


Any person desiring further information regarding this proceeding, including information regarding intervention or participation in the adjudicatory proceeding, may contact the Presiding Officer at the following telephone number or email address:

Andre Gibeau, Presiding Officer

Energy Facilities Siting Board

One South Station

Boston, MA 02110

(617) 794-6388

Useful Information

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