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Cybersecurity Health Check Program

Local government agencies can request basic cybersecurity services at no cost.

Cybersecurity Health Checks are available to local government agencies at no cost.  Health Checks will identify an organization's security gaps and what their ability is to safeguard their data and systems from cyberthreats. These services are not a replacement for an in-depth cybersecurity assessment or regular and ongoing hygiene, maintenance and monitoring activities.

Table of Contents

What is a Cybersecurity Health Check?

A Cybersecurity Health Check will assess how well the organization is aligned to mitigate risk and identify their security deficiencies. The objective is to identify technology gaps, discuss best practices, and recommend key areas of improvement that will better protect the organization and their data from cyber threats.  

The information gathering may cover the following:  

  • IT security profiling 

  • Cloud readiness 

  • End-point security review 

  • Disaster recovery 

  • Internal active directory scan 

  • External vulnerability scan 

  • Interview-based data collection 

When the vendor has completed the Health Check for the organization, a follow-up call will be scheduled for a review of the results and a report submitted to the organization for further evaluation.  

Who will perform the Health Check?

Several ITS-78 Statewide Contract vendors have been approved by the Executive Office of Technology, Services and Security (EOTSS), Office of Municipal and School Technology (OMST) to perform these checks. The Health Checks are provided free for local government agencies. 

What will the results of the Cybersecurity Health Check look like? 

  • Prioritize of identified cybersecurity gaps  

  • Recommend best practices  

  • Identify improvements in your IT environment 

  • Build out a cybersecurity roadmap  

  • Provide additional context related to budgetary requests 

Apply for the program

Complete the application and the Office of Municipal and School Technology will contact you. 

Contact for Cybersecurity Health Check Program


(617) 889-7834


McCormack Building - Main Office
1 Ashburton Place, 8th Floor, Boston, MA 02108

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