Dam and Seawall Repair or Removal Program Grants and Funds

Learn about the grants offered through the Dam and Seawall Repair or Removal Program.


The Dam and Seawall Repair or Removal Program offers financial resources to qualified applicants for projects that share our mission to enhance, preserve, and protect the natural resources and the scenic, historic and aesthetic qualities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
The Dam and Seawall Repair or Removal Fund was established in 2013 by the Massachusetts Legislature to promote public health, public safety, and ecological restoration. Additional funds have also been supplemented the program with monies authorized in the EEA Environmental Bond.

The application for construction loans is now open!

Qualified organizations may apply for a loan from the Dam and Seawall Removal or Repair Fund. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until April 28, 2023. See COMMBUYS for the program details. 

The grant application for the Dam and Seawall Program is now open!

The Requests for Proposals are now posted to the state RFR site, www.commbuys.com. Proposals are due on February 17, 2023.

RFR ENV 24 DS 01 is a grant program to design and permit projects to repair or remove dams, seawalls and other coastal infrastructure, and levees.

RFR ENV 24 DS 02 is a construction grant program to repair or remove dams, seawalls and other coastal infrastructure, and levees. 

There are two key changes to the FY24 grant opportunities:

Applicants to Design and Permit program will be required to enter their project into the Climate Resilience Design Standards Tool and upload the tool output with the grant application. This resource is available at MA Climate Change Clearinghouse (mass.gov)

Applicants to the Construction Grant program are required to have submitted their project to the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Office for review prior to the application deadline date. Applicants who have projects not subject to MEPA review will need to describe how the projects do not meet review thresholds. Projects that meet thresholds for MEPA review and have not been filed with MEPA will be ineligible for this grant round. Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office | Mass.gov

Proposals must be submitted through an online form. This link to the form is in the RFR document. No paper applications will be accepted.

To access the RFR documents in the procurement file, go to the File Attachments section and select the link to view the RFR document. The RFR and online application form are intended to be used together. Please do not fill out the form without the guidance in the RFR document. Please note that the online application form displays best in Chrome or Firefox browsers. Samples of the application form are also provided.

Program contact:
William Hinkley


Additional Funding

Project funding is also available from a variety of federal, state, and private sources. Use the appropriate guide to help locate potential funding sources, especially for costs not covered by this Fund:

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