DeafBlind Extended Supports (DBES)

DBES counselors provide statewide services to consumers ages 14 and older who are DeafBlind and/or legally blind with cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and complex medical conditions with the goal of increasing their independence and community participation. DBES counselors provide various services including advocacy and hands-on assistance with community resources and purchased services to our eligible consumers.

Services are highly individualized based on consumer needs, program eligibility, and availability of funds, but may include:

  • Case management and advocacy
  • Information and referral to community resources and other state agencies
  • Referrals for orientation and mobility
  • Rehabilitation teaching
  • Adaptive technology and training
  • Low vision aids
  • Support with communication access and safety alert systems
  • Respite
  • Homemaker services
  • Family flex funding
  • Recreation and campership funding
  • Referrals to DeafBlind Community Access Network (DBCAN)
  • Referrals to DeafBlind Contact Center
  • Community/center-based day supports
  • Vocational counseling and guidance
    • Assessment of vocational/prevocational needs
    • Explaining and discussing interests, career paths, and options regarding work. This may also include practical skill building, resume and cover letter writing, assistance completing job applications, and mock interviews.
    • College/university: Funding per semester based on FAFSA’s eligibility and determination of unmet need. Funding for books and supplies is also available.
    • Job readiness training and placement services including referral to community agencies specialized in DeafBlind employment supports

Upon transition from the school district, DBES counselors serve DeafBlind consumers turning age 22 and requiring intensive 24/7 residential placement supports in Massachusetts. MCB relies on state funding to provide residential services
to these consumers.

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