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EDI Vendor List

The MassHealth-Approved Vendor List below provides the names, phone numbers, transaction types, and services of vendors that are approved to submit electronic HIPAA-compliant transactions.

MassHealth works closely with many software vendors and clearinghouses/billing intermediaries that support our providers. The list also indicates whether the vendor supports coordination of benefits (COB) claims as well as Void/Replace transactions that are key to reducing the need to submit paper claims. This list was not created for endorsement purposes, but rather to assist providers in identifying vendors who support HIPAA-compliant claim transactions for MassHealth.

Providers or vendors with questions about the approved vendor list process can contact the MassHealth Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Unit by email at edi@mahealth.net or by calling the MassHealth Customer Service Center toll-free at (800) 841-2900, TDD/TTY: 711. Providers wishing to submit 837-Dental transactions should contact DentaQuest at (800) 207-5019 or by email at inquiries@masshealth-dental.net.

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Last updated: March 18, 2024

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