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Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (EEAC)

The Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (EEAC) guides the development and monitors the implementation of Massachusetts’ nation-leading energy efficiency plans.

Pursuant to G.L. c. 25, §22, as set forth in the Green Communities Act, the Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (“EEAC”) is charged with reviewing the state’s investor-owned electric and gas utilities' (Program Administrators or "PAs") energy efficiency investment plans and budgets (collectively, the “Three-Year Plan”), which is prepared in coordination with the EEAC. The PAs develop the statewide plan, which includes savings and spending targets, implementation strategies, and descriptions of the various initiatives that serve residents and businesses. Once the EEAC has reviewed and approved the plan, they work with the PAs on implementation.

The EEAC and Three-Year Plan system were set in place by the Green Communities Act (GCA) of 2008. The GCA requires that the state's investor-owned utilities and the Cape Light Compact prepare energy efficiency plans that will "provide for the acquisition of all available energy efficiency and demand reduction resources that are cost-effective or less expensive than supply."

The Department of Public Utilities appoints Council members who serve for five-year terms. The Commissioner of the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) chairs the Council, which is supported by DOER staff. Councilors represent a diverse array of important stakeholders. More information on the EEAC and Council members can be found on the EEAC website.

The Council's approval of the utilities' 2022-2024 Three-Year Energy Efficiency Plan came after dozens of workshops, listening sessions, public meetings, and public comments as well as thousands of work hours by Councilors, DOER staff, and energy efficiency program administrators.

The 2022-2024 Three-Year Plan plan represents a transformational shift of the Mass Save® programs to better align with the Commonwealth’s ambitious climate requirements and focus on equitably serving all residents. The combined electric energy and gas efficiency plans are expected to deliver 845,000 tons of emissions reductions towards the Commonwealth’s 2030 GHG limit. To view the 2022-2024 Three-Year Plan, visit the EEAC website.

The EEAC website documents the EEAC's meetings and milestones.

If you have any questions regarding the EEAC, or if you would like to provide public comment, please email MA-EEAC@mass.gov.


EEAC Meeting Schedule

2024 Council & Committee Meetings 

For official notices and other meeting materials, please visit the EEAC website.

January 10, 202410:00-11:00 amExComExecutive Committee
January 17, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
February 7, 202410:00-11:00 amExComExecutive Committee
February 14, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
March 6, 202410:00-11:00 amExComExecutive Committee
March 20, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
April 3, 202410:00-11:00 amExComExecutive Committee
April 24, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
May 1, 202410:00-11:00 amExComExecutive Committee
May 15, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
June 5, 202410:00-11:00 amExComExecutive Committee
June 12, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
June 26, 20241:00-2:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
July 10, 202410:00-11:00 amExComExecutive Committee
July 17, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
August 7, 202410:00-11:00 amExComExecutive Committee
August 21, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
Sept. 4, 202410:00-11:30 amExComExecutive Committee
Sept. 18, 20241:00-5:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
Oct. 9, 202410:00-11:30 amExComExecutive Committee 
Oct. 16, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
Nov. 6, 202410:00-11:30 amExComExecutive Committee
Nov. 20, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting
Dec. 4, 202410:00-11:30 amExComExecutive Committee
Dec. 18, 20241:00-4:00 pmEEACEEAC Meeting

Previous Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (EEAC) Meetings

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