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EOTSS and Agency Responsibilities

Commonwealth VPN support requires the customer agency to work jointly with EOTSS.

Table of Contents

EOTSS Responsibilities

  • EOTSS will deliver the product described in this product description. 

  • EOTSS will provide instructions for product use. 

  • EOTSS will operate and maintain the Pulse Secure VPN Appliances and all supporting infrastructure. 

  • To ensure the security of Commonwealth information technology resources, EOTSS may block telecommuters’ access to the State Network when troubleshooting security intrusions. 

  • EOTSS will enforce the Teleworking Policy, Commonwealth Enterprise Security Policy and Standards, and Acceptable Use policies. 

  • EOTSS will provide instructions for installing and configuring the VPN Client software. 

  • In cases where EOTSS provides End User Services for the Agency, EOTSS End User Services will be responsible for deployment and support of the client. 

Please note: EOTSS End User Services will NOT troubleshoot home wifi/internet connectivity issues. If you are unable to connect to your home wifi/internet, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Agency Responsibilities

  • Follow established process to submit online orders that have been properly approved forrequesting the addition, modification, or deletion of VPN groups, VPN users or access type. 

  • The user will obtain a remote access internet connection—e.g., commercial or residential DSL, cable, fios or other internet service. 

  • Non-employee users must be sponsored by a Commonwealth of Massachusetts agency and must be able to install and support their own devices. 

VPN Client: 

  • The agency IT support organization will be responsible for setting up the user’s computer withthe software required to access the agency LAN and other business software required by the VPN user. 

  • The agency IT support organization will assist the user with installing and configuring the VPN Client software as requested. 

  • The agency IT organization will be responsible for assisting user’s with connecting to local agency resources, including Remote Desktop Connections. 

  • VPN users will comply with the Commonwealth’s Acceptable Use Policy, the Commonwealth Enterprise Security Policy and Standards and the Commonwealth’s Telework Policy. 



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CommonHelp IT Service Desk (866) 888-2808

for agency/Secretariat IT help desks and support personnel


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