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Do you have a question about using the Evaluation Portal?  Here are from Frequently Asked Questions that will assist you in navigating the portal.

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If I get a request to complete an evaluation, can I forward it to someone else for them to complete?

Yes, you can forward the request email to the correct evaluator and they can fill out on the form in the portal using the project details in the email.

Where do I find the contractor’s name, project name, and ID number?

We include this information in the body of the email we send out requesting an evaluation for a project. If you are filling out an evaluation without a request, you can leave the contractor ID number field blank if you do not know it.

You can find a Contractor ID by searching our online directory.  You can also access the directory link by clicking the blue dot at the upper right corner of the contractor ID box on the evaluation form. Click if you would like to view our online directory user guide.  A contractor ID number is not required to fill out an evaluation.

How do I locate a draft evaluation that I started previously?

Drafts that you have saved will be located in the Initiated Tab. It will have “draft” in parentheses beside the project title to let you know it has not been submitted.

What if the project I am evaluating requires a second signature?

When filling out the evaluation form, make sure that you list the correct email address for the second signatory. When you submit the form, they will get an email instructing them to login and sign the pending evaluation. The second signatory must use the exact email address listed to create an account or they will not see the evaluation.

If I’m the OPM for a public project, can I sign on behalf of the awarding authority?

All evaluations for public projects must be signed by a representative of the awarding authority. If the project is over $1.5 million dollars, your signature as OPM is also required.  If the project is under that amount, only the Awarding Authority signature is required.

Can I revise an evaluation after I have submitted it?

Anyone wishing to revise a submitted evaluation must contact the Certification Office at 857-204-1350 or certification.dcamm@mass.gov

Can I, as a contractor, search for my already-completed evaluations in the portal?

No, the portal does not have that functionality.  You can see which of your company’s projects have been evaluated by accessing your Numerical Rating Summary Sheet in DCMS.  We have a User Guide available for your convenience via this link.

Can I send an evaluation form with information pre-filled for an evaluator?

Contractors being evaluated may not complete any portion of the evaluation form for their own company, including the General Information section of the evaluation form.

Date published: May 17, 2024
Last updated: May 17, 2024

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