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Grid Innovation Program (Section 40103(b))

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), was signed by President Biden on November 15, 2021. This law included billions of dollars in funding opportunities for energy infrastructure projects, some of which is to be awarded through states. The Grid Innovation Program (GIP), which is outlined in Section 40103(b) of the BIL, is intended to fund projects that improve grid reliability and resilience using advanced technologies and innovative partnerships and approaches. States are eligible to apply for GIP funding, with $1.82 billion in total funding available and project awards of $250 million, or up to $1 billion for interregional transmission projects.

On November 18, 2022, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) issued a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the GIP. As an eligible entity, DOER is interested in information that may support pursuing GIP funding and submitting Concept Papers to the U.S. DOE by the January 13, 2023 deadline. DOER is also exploring coordination with neighboring states to collaborate on this effort. DOER may submit more than one Concept Paper and Full Application to this FOA, provided that each application describes a unique, scientifically distinct project and provided that an eligible Concept Paper was submitted for each Full Application.

To assist DOER in exploring development of a Concept Paper and potential application for the GIP, DOER requests a Notice of Interest (NOI) and Draft Concept Paper from any project developers interested in proposing projects for DOER to consider including as part of a funding application to the GIP. Interested parties are requested to submit a Notice of Interest and Draft Concept Paper as outlined in the attached document to Marian Swain, Deputy Director of Policy and Planning at DOER, via email (marian.swain@mass.gov) by December 22, 2022 at 5 pm. Please include “GRIP NOI” in the subject line of your email.

Confidential Information provided in the Notice of Interest will be treated as confidential energy information, to the extent permitted by law. Pursuant to DOER’s authority under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 25A, Section 7, certain energy and other information collected by DOER can be maintained for the sole and confidential use of the Commonwealth, its agencies, and offices. DOER may also apply any applicable exemption under the Commonwealth’s public records law. Energy information collected under this section may be confidentially shared with the energy offices of other states which afford such information similar protection from public disclosure. In the event confidential information is submitted to DOER and confidential treatment is not afforded for any reason, by a governmental agency or otherwise, DOER shall not be held responsible. Should any party seek further information regarding the treatment of this information under Massachusetts’ public records law, please email Marian Swain of DOER, as provided above.

This request for Notices of Interest and Draft Concept Paper does not obligate DOER or any other state entities to pursue a Concept Paper or application.  

Notice of Interest to DOER and Questions for Draft Concept Papers

Please click on the link to download the Notice of Interest to DOER and Questions for Draft Concept Papers.


Other States’ NOI Requests

Other New England States have also released Requests for Notices of Interest and Draft Concept Papers for the GIP program (see links below). Massachusetts is coordinating on this effort with these neighboring states and encourages developers with projects of regional benefit to submit NOIs and Draft Concept Papers to these states as well as to MA DOER.

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (responses due 12/23/22 by 5:00 pm)

Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (responses due 12/28/22 by 5:00 pm)

Maine Governor’s Energy Office and the Maine Public Utilities Commission (responses due 12/30/22 by 5:00 pm)


Letter of Support for Funding Opportunities

Programs though DOE Offices of Grid Deployment (GDO) and Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) 

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), includes new DOE programs and funding opportunities, several of which will be administered by the DOE’s Grid Deployment Office (GDO) and the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations. For a list of BIL Provisions administered by the GDO, please click here

For funding opportunities where DOER is not an applicant or a partner to an applicant, DOER welcomes applicants to submit a Request for a Letter of Support about how the proposed project (Proposed Project) meets DOER and Commonwealth of Massachusetts energy goals. A template for the Request for Letter of Support is linked below; please use the template for all requests. DOER will review Requests for a Letter of Support and provide a Letter of Support, at its discretion, for applications that are found to meet key Commonwealth energy goals, as determined by DOER. If a specific support letter format is required by a DOE funding opportunity, please provide any applicable requirements to DOER. DOER will not review full applications and will not evaluate project design, nor will it compare application summaries that are applying to the same BIL funding opportunity.  Interested parties are requested to Request a Letter of Support as outlined in the attached document to Aurora Edington, Electric Grid Policy Manager at DOER, via email (aurora.edington@mass.gov). Please include “Request for Letter of Support” in the subject line of your email and allow time for DOER review.  

Please note that Letters of Support will not commit DOER or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in any manner to the Proposed Project, nor will the issuance of such Letters of Support include commitments of state funding or project management or represent a commitment or obligation to support, financially or otherwise, any Proposed Project.  

Any Letter of Support issued by DOER shall be considered a public record and shall be public. The information Applicants submit to DOER in their Request for Support Letter shall be considered public, unless specifically identified as confidential energy information. However, DOER will only keep any such specifically identified confidential energy information confidential to the extent permitted by law and shall not be liable for any disclosure of the same. As such confidential information could not be included in DOER’s Letter of Support, Applicants should limit including or relying on this information as much as possible in their Requests.

Request for a Letter of Support

Please click on the link to download the Request for Letter of Support from DOER.

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