Filing an EEC Grant Budget Amendment

A budget amendment must be used if a grantee proposes to increase or decrease a category by more than 10%.

Amending a grant

General Instructions   

Budget Amendments are required when: 

  • there is any significant change in program objectives; or 

  • there is any increase or decrease in the total amount of the grant; or 

  • if a grantee proposes to increase (+) or decrease (-) a category by more than 10%.  


  • If you are moving money between lines within a category, you do not need an amendment. 

For example: If there is $100,000 in the Administrator category, you would need to submit an amendment if you were moving more than $10,000 of those funds in the Administrator category to another category. If you were moving less than $10,000 to another category or moving funding within the category, then you would not need to submit an amendment.   

  • Proposed Programmatic changes: A Budget Amendment must be filed if the justification for programming and implementation of the grant will change significantly, even if there is no funding change on the line items.  

  • All sections of the Budget Amendment must be completed and submitted to EEC at least 30 days prior to the proposed change and/or no later than April 30, 2024, for final budget amendments. Amendments received after April 30, 2024, will NOT be accepted.  

  • Grantees may only amend their budgets up to three times per year unless EEC has required a budget amendment.  

  • Any changes to grant budgets must continue to adhere to the total administration cost cap (no more than 10%).  

  • Grantees must adhere to Budget guidelines and Budget Amendment Instructions for their specified grant program.  

  • Please note that proposed changes may NOT be implemented until your Budget Amendment has been fiscally and programmatically approved.  

  • Program specialists must be made aware of any programmatic or fiscal changes to your budget via email before implementing any changes. 

  • Please note: Please select any subcontractor(s) budget and/or PC+ budgets (CFCE only) even if you are not amending any subcontractor/PC+ budgets.  The total cost of the amendment must equal the lead agency budget + the subcontractor(s) + PC+ budgets.   

  • The Budget Amendment will be reviewed programmatically by the assigned Program Specialist in tandem with Grants Administration for approval of fiscal revisions. The approval will not occur until both have reviewed the requested changes.  

  • You must click the SUBMIT button for your Budget Amendment to be submitted to EEC. Once you click the submit button, there will be a SUBMISSION DATE and TIME at the top of each page.  


  • Once your budget amendment is approved, EEC will send you an approval email requesting a signed cover page be scanned/emailed back (not mailed). 

FY2024 Budget Amendment Online Applications

To complete a Budget Amendment, you must enter the Online Application by clicking Login to Online Application.  

Your FY2024 Budget Amendments are located within your FY2024 online application.  Use your username (if applicable) and/or password to login to your specific online grant application.

Please note that the FY24 Career Pathways Budget Amendments will be sent directly to the community colleges. 

CFCE: FY 2024 Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Grant (Fund Code 237) (

CPPI- Maintenance: FY 2024 CPPI Maintenance Grant (Fund Code 619) (

CPPI Cohort 3: FY 2024 Commonwealth Preschool Partnership Initiative (CPPI) Cohort 3 Grant (Fund Code 715) (

CCPI Cohort 4: FY 2024 Commonwealth Preschool Partnership Initiative (CPPI) Cohort 4 Grant (Fund Code 716) (

Early Mental Health Consultation:  FY 2024 Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Grant (Fund Code 700) ( 

Head Start: FY 2024 Head Start State Supplemental Grant (Fund Code 390)

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