Forest Health Program

The Forest Health Program monitors and assesses factors that influence the health of Massachusetts's forests.

Check out the Massachusetts DCR Forest Health Program Story Map and the Asian Longhorned Beetle Story Map Collection to view interactive maps and learn more about the common insects and diseases impacting our forests.

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Monitoring the health and well-being of our Forests

Looking for Emerald Ash Borer

Looking for Emerald Ash Borer

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Forest Health Program is responsible for monitoring and assessing the factors that influence the health of Massachusetts’ state forests.  We utilize multiple survey and trapping protocols to research insects and diseases impacting forest conditions. We work in cooperation with state, federal, and municipal agencies to detect, manage, and treat biotic and abiotic factors that negatively impact Massachusetts’ state forests.

Tree Healthcare Services

Forest Health Hazardous Tree Crew

Forest Health Hazardous Tree Crew

Additionally, the Forest Health Program provides tree health care services for the DCR’s state forests, parks, and reservations. 

  • Annual Forest Health Aerial Survey
  • Current Forest Health Threats
  • Massachusetts Champion Tree List

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