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Hearing DMS tips

Find out what you need to do to prepare your documents for DMS at the hearing level.

Submitting documents electronically

This is the required method of submitting documents. All hearing documents should be submitted to the Administrative Judge and his or he assistant prior to the hearing.

Hearing and deposition transcripts

When the hearing stenographer has completed the hearing transcript, the parties will be notified via email that the transcript can be viewed in DMS.

When submitting a deposition transcript, the stenographic service should be encouraged to send the transcript directly to the administrative judge in a PDF format. If the deposition gets mailed to the administrative judge, the administrative judge's office will prepare the bar-coded cover sheet and scan the transcript into DMS. 


Witnesses who will be authenticating the video must bring a DVD player which can be connected to the monitor in the courtroom. The administrative judge's computer won't be used to play a DVD during the hearing.

DVD's and videotapes that are marked and admitted will be treated as physical evidence. When a final decision has been filed, the parties must retrieve the DVD within 60 days or it will be destroyed.


A photograph being marked as evidence should be identified by a label on the back of the photograph. The photograph will be scanned into DMS by the administrative judge's office. There is no need to prepare a bar-coded cover sheet.

Viewing the hearing decision

Hearing decisions will be filed and imported and viewable through DMS.

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