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Home Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinklers Buy Time, and Time Buys Life
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Fire kills more people in the United States annually than all natural disasters combined. Most fires occur in the place we feel safest-our homes. Today’s homes have furnishings made from plastics, foam rubber, and laminates. When these things catch fire, they quickly produce intense heat and thick toxic smoke and fuel the rapid spread of fire. In a home fire today, you may only have 1-3 minutes to escape. Is that enough for your family in the middle of the night when most fatal fires occur?

Home Fire Sprinkler Week is May 12-18, 2024

This week is an opportunity for the fire service to spread the word about the life saving benefits of home fire sprinklers. Use the tools from the NFPA and the Home Sprinkler Coalition to spread fire and life safety messages. Find the tools and details here.

The campaign is simple:

  • Every day there is a different theme and content for social media and websites.
  • You can choose which messages you want to share. Or consider sharing them all!
  • Please visit and share the messages every day.

Help flood the Internet with facts about home fire sprinklers this week!  #HomeFireSprinklerWeek

Daily themes
  • Monday, May 13: Today’s theme is “Fire is Fast; Sprinklers are Faster”
  • Tuesday, May 14: Today’s theme is “I6's Easy to Live with Home Fire Sprinklers”
  • Wednesday, May 15: Today’s theme is “Fire Sprinklers are Part of a Fire-Safe Community”
  • Thursday, May 16: Today’s theme is “Fire Sprinklers are Smart and Green”
  • Friday, May 17: Today’s theme is “Protect What You Value Most”

Why do Today’s Homes Need Fire Sprinklers?

Smoke alarms provide early warning, but home fire sprinklers start to control the fire. That gives people more time to escape safely. Home fire sprinklers work fast, and time is critical during a fire. Residential sprinklers are designed for life safety rather than property protection. Sprinklers put out 90% of home fires before the fire department arrives on scene. This prevents the fire from spreading to other areas of the home, reduces damage and protects people from harm.

Learn More about Fire Sprinklers

Here are some helpful links to resources, information and organizations to learn more about home fire sprinklers.

Additional Resources

Educational Tools Available to Fire Departments

Side-by-Side Sprinkler Demonstration Trailer.  The Department of Fire Services has a Side-by-Side Sprinkler Demonstration Trailer that was donated by the National Fire Sprinkler Association. This prop gives fire departments a dramatic teaching tool that demonstrates how sprinklers save time, and time buys lives in a fire. The mobile unit has two identical rooms that are set on fire. One room has a sprinkler, and one does not. During the fire, observers see how quickly fire spreads and how little time there is to escape a fire. After viewing this demonstration, the public walks away recognizing that sprinklers buy time, and time buys lives.

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