Horseshoe crab monitoring

Annual volunteer-based spawning beach surveys take place at beaches along the South Coast, Cape Cod, and the islands.

To sign up to volunteer or learn more about the survey, please contact the survey coordinator, Derek Perry, at Please include within your email the survey location number(s) listed on the map that you are interested in volunteering at.


2022 survey locations

2021 Survey Locations

Survey Locations

1 Duxbury 10 Erica's Beach
2 Long Beach 11 Morris Island 
3 Millway 12 Bass River
4 Long Pasture 13 Monomoy Beach
5 Sanctuary Beach 14 Warren's Landing
6 Indian Neck 15 Tashmoo
7 Great Island 16 Tahanto
8 Priscilla's Landing 17 Swifts Beach
9 March 2-3    


Compliance reports

Horseshoe crabs are managed at the interstate level by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). Each year member-states, including Massachusetts, must submit a compliance report to ASMFC documenting the status of the fishery and show that the horseshoe crab population is being monitored and managed properly. To view an annual report, click on the links below.

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