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Hot Sauces, Cooking Sauces & Condiments

Engage your taste buds with explosions of flavor, made in Massachusetts!

The indigenous peoples of Mexico domesticated the chili pepper some 9,000 years ago and along the way, invented hot sauce.  According to advertisements in newspapers in 1807, Massachusetts was the first state in America to produce hot sauce, sold as “Cayenne sauce”.

Massachusetts boasts many options, made locally by small family-owned food businesses across the state.  There is fruit based, Caribbean, and Celtic inspired choices to add exciting flavors to any meal, appetizer, or snack.  Explore an industry flavored by diversity, innovation, and heat. Most hot sauces are naturally gluten free, but not all are certified gluten free.

Interested in flavor without the heat? Massachusetts’ cooking sauces, BBQ sauces and condiments present an array of familiar and authentic global flavors ranging from mole, ginger/garlic, curry and marinara. Some use locally grown ingredients. For a flavorful and foolproof meal, check out these products available via ecommerce.


List of companies

Hot Sauces

Alicia's Spice Co.

Gluten Free, Kosher, Keto, Vegan

Big Rich's Gourmet Hot Sauce and Marinade

Hot & BBQ sauces, many recipes.

Chelsea Hot Sauce

Supports fire-fighter non-profit

Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce

Award winning, some fruit-based choices

Foss Farms

Marinara sauce, vegan options

Hosta Hill

Fermented hot sauce, sauerkraut and kimchi, woman run, small batch, probiotic rich, sources local organic ingredients

Jay's Wicked Gourmet Sauce

Hot and BBQ sauces, no preservatives, locally sourced peppers

Mad Dog 357

Contender for hottest hot sauce in America

Nobska Farms

Hot sauce, salsa, and pepper jelly, own farm grown peppers including rare varieties

Sweet Reaper

Caribbean inspired hot sauce

Alex's Ugly Sauce

Hand-made in small batches

Craic Hot Sauce

Many hot sauce options, some Celtic inspired

Decimation Hot Sauce

Hot sauce, vegan options

Hillside Harvest

Caribbean inspired hot sauces and marinades, official hot sauce of the Boston Red Sox

Kitchen Garden Farm

Fermented siracha, salsa, tomato puree, seasonings, made with own farm’s organic produce

Cooking Sauces

Bittersweet Herb Farm

Finishing sauces, many other products, recipes


Asian inspired, low sodium, low calorie, vegan options, no preservatives, recipes

Meal Mantra

Curry sauces, chutney, 2020 Sofi Bronze award winner

Mugger's Marrow

Fruit based glaze and cooking sauces, USDA certified organic, low calorie, low sodium

Ooma Tesoros

Marinara sauce, small batch, big flavor, no preservatives, no added sugar, recipes

Sauces n' Love

Certified gluten free Italian sauces, dips, no preservatives, shelf-stable options


Appalachian Naturals

Ethical sourcing and local ingredients, BBQ, tomato sauce, salsa, salad dressing and more, certified gluten free options, low sodium

Butcher Block Sauce

Teriyaki & rib sauce

Chubby's Sauces

Family owned over 30 years, grilling sauce, Teriyaki, marinades, salsa

Cormier's Kitchen

Healthy BBQ, saute, and pan fry sauces


Saw Mill Site Farm

Horseradish based, no preservatives, made in small batches.


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