In case of a roadside emergency

If you are experiencing an emergency on the road, please call 911 to initiate roadside assistance.

What to do

If your vehicle becomes disabled, please try to move your vehicle into the breakdown lane to the right of the solid line. Make sure you turn on your hazard lights and raise the hood of your car. Always remain with your vehicle, but stand on the other side of the guardrail when possible. Exercise extreme caution when you are on the side of the road.

To help ensure your safety, make sure you:

  • Take note of your location.
    • It is helpful to know the mile marker, last exit number, or the nearest rest area
  • Understand your vehicle's situation
    • Look for smoke or steam from your hood
    • Listen for any unusual noises
  • Notify someone of your problem
    • Always call 911 first in an emergency
  • Always stay close to your vehicle

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