Information for Massachusetts certified nurse aides

If you are a certified nurse aide (CNA) in Massachusetts, learn more about renewing your certification, requesting a duplicate certificate, and changing information on your certification.

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Certification renewal

If your certification is about to expire, and you have worked for pay as a nurse aide for at least eight hours performing nursing related duties within the past two years, complete and submit the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry Renewal Form by mail to the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry.

Check your certification status

You may use the license verification website to check your Nurse Aide certification status.

Change information on the Registry

You may change personal information (e.g. name, address, etc.) about yourself on the Registry by completing Change of Information Application, and submitting the completed form along with required documents noted on the application by mail to the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registy.

Expired certification

If your nurse aide certification has expired, you may be able to renew your certification through your work experience. In order to be eligible, you must be currently employed as a nurse aide and have worked from before your certification expired to the present with no break in employment. If you are not currently employed or had a break in employment, you may need to retake the nurse aide certification test.

Contact the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry for information on testing to renew your certification.  Additional information about testing is available on the  Massachusetts Nurse Aide page of the D&S website.

Findings on the Nurse Aide Registry

  • If you have been subject to probation as an alternative sanction, you may work during this time in accordance with the terms of your probation. In the case of suspension, you may not work as a CNA during the period of your suspension.  If there has been a final finding against you, you may not work as a CNA.
  • If you have one finding of neglect entered on the Nurse Aide Registry, and go the subsequent year without any incidents, you are eligible to petition the Department of Public Health for the removal of the neglect finding. Requests for removal of findings of neglect must be made in writing and sent to: Nurse Aide Registry, 67 Forest Street, Marlborough, MA 01752; or faxed to (617) 753-8089.
    • If eligible for removal, you will receive a petition application, which you must complete in full and return. Once reviewed, you will receive notification concerning the status of your application.
  • Findings of abuse or misappropriation may also be removed but only if you are found Not Guilty in a court of law of the conduct that was the basis for your abuse or misappropriation findings.  Supporting documentation may be sent to: Nurse Aide Registry, 67 Forest Street, Marlborough, MA 01752; or faxed to (617) 753-8089.



For Nurse Aide Registry and all aspects of nurse aide certification in Massachusetts. Call the Registry: (617) 753-8144


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