Information for Nurse Aide Training Programs

Information for Nurse Aide Training Programs in Massachusetts

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Update to Available Nurse Aide Certification Testing for Nurse Aide Training Program Students

The Department of Public Health Nurse Aide Registry Program, through its testing vendor, D&S Diversified Technologies (D&S) will begin offering the nurse aide certification exam in Spanish and Chinese, in addition to English. Starting July 1, CNA candidates can indicate their intent to take the CNA exam in a language other than English during the exam registration process. Administration of exams in languages other than English will begin July 15, 2024. Testing information to take the CNA exam in English, Spanish, or Chinese with D&S is available at: Massachusetts Nurse Aide page of the D&S website.

Establishing a Nurse Aide Training Program

To start a Nurse Aide Training Program, you must request and complete an Application to Establish a Nurse Aide Training Program. The application is available by going to:

  • If you are a private occupational school, you may need to contact the Division of Professional Licensure (DPL) before getting started
  • Nurse Aide training benefits from an interactive learning experience, as the provision of Nurse Aide services is a hands-on activity. The Department of Public Health (DPH) will only approve classroom-based nurse aide training programs at this time. Partially online courses will be considered, provided the classroom and clinical portions of the program meet the minimum requirements.
  • DPH must approve all clinical sites. For sites to be approved, they must be a level II or level III long-term care facility found to be in compliance.
  • DPH does not approve certification or continuing education units (CEUs) for educational CNA workshops

Nurse Aide Training Programs approved by DPH are located throughout Massachusetts. To obtain a list of Department-approved Nurse Aide Training Programs:

  • Go to the License Verification site. You do not need a username or password to access the License Verification website.
  • Enter Nurse Aide Registry as License Board” and Certified Nurse Aide as “License Type”
  • Click the search button

Training equipment

Nurse Aide Training Programs are required to maintain the following equipment and resources:


  • Standing scale for height and weight, i.e. eye level (physician mechanical beam scale)
  • 5 Standard bedpans
  • 5 Fracture bedpans
  • 5 Blood pressure cuffs
  • 5 Stethoscopes
  • 2 Teaching stethoscope (binaural)
  • Bedside commode
  • 5 Thermometers (non-mercury)
  • 50 Alcohol wipes
  • Clock with second hand for wall
  • Trash can with cover
  • Laundry hamper with cover
  • Hospital bed with non-restraint (partial) side rails, call bell, and privacy curtains (1 for every 5 students)
  • Bedside stand and over-bed table
  • Chair with arms
  • Sink with running hot & cold water in room or nearby, with a closed paper towel dispenser mounted on the wall and wall mounted soap dispenser
  • Walker
  • Wheelchair
  • Gait belts (1 per every 2 students; minimum of 5)
  • Manikin
  • Disposable gloves (various sizes; 4 boxes)
  • Isolation gowns and masks (6 of each)
  • 5 Bath basins
  • 5 Mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • 5 Denture cups
  • 50 Drinking cups for mouth care
  • 1 set of Dentures 
  • Hearing Aide
  • 24 Glycerin/lemon swabs for mouth care
  • 5 Emesis basins
  • Disposable bowls, cups, plastic spoons, food (applesauce and cereal) and thickener for feeding
  • Disinfectant wipes or spray for equipment/classroom/lab cleaning


  • Pillows (4 per bed)
  • Pillow cases (4 per bed)
  • Sheets (4 per bed)
  • Bedspreads (1 per bed)
  • Bed protector (2 per bed)
  • 6 Hand towels
  • 6 Bath towels
  • 6 Wash cloths
  • 6 Hospital gowns
  • Female street clothing (2 sets)
  • Male street clothing (2 sets)

 Nurse Aide Training Program Resources

  • Current editions of instructors’ manual and student textbooks and workbooks (not older than 5 years)
  • Desks or tables and chairs for classroom
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • DVD player and DVDs demonstrating ADL skills
  • Reference books such as medical dictionary, medical abbreviation book or listing, medical reference books
  • Charts on relevant topics (example: poster about hand washing/infection control) and/or models of the human body
  • Locking file cabinets to secure confidential student information

Download the entire list: Nurse Aide Training Program Equipment List

Nurse Aide Training Program Inspections

Initial inspection: Following the review of an initial Nurse Aide Training Program application, a site survey inspection will be scheduled at a time that works for both the Program and Survey Inspection staff. The site visit serves as an opportunity for the Program to meet with DPH and discuss any questions or concerns associated with beginning a new Nurse Aide Training Program. It is also an opportunity for Survey Inspection staff to review available Program resources.

Renewal inspection: Every 2 years, an unannounced site survey inspection will take place. Survey Inspection staff review available Program resources and ensure there are no deficiencies, or non-compliance issues, with the Program. If the site survey inspection results in deficiencies being found, the Program would receive a Statement of Deficiencies form outlining which regulations are not being complied with, and the Program would be required to correct the noted deficiencies. Failure to correct the deficiencies may result in withdrawal of Nurse Aide Training Program approval.

Please note that pursuant to Federal regulation 42 CFR 483.151(f)(3), Nurse Aide Training Programs must permit unannounced visits by the State.

Making changes to your approved Nurse Aide Training Program

  • Nurse Aide Training Programs must notify DPH of any significant changes. DPH must approve some changes, such as those involving clinical site
  • To notify DPH of any significant changes, submit proposed changes by going to:

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