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Instructions for sending proof of disqualification from juror service

If you are not qualified to perform jury duty, you must submit proof of your disqualification to the Office of Jury Commissioner (OJC).

There are 10 reasons for disqualification from juror service. The reasons are listed below.

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How to send proof of disqualification

In order to be disqualified from jury duty for one of these reasons, you must provide the reason for your disqualification. You can do this on the Juror Service Interactive Website.

You can also mail the required information to the OJC at the following address:

Office of Jury Commissioner
560 Harrison Avenue, Suite 600
Boston, Massachusetts 02118

You can also fax the information to the OJC at (617) 422-5869 or email it to jurorhelp@jud.state.ma.us.

Please include your Juror Badge Number on any correspondence you send to the OJC.

You are responsible for confirming that the OJC has received your proof of disqualification.

Please note: If you have received a Delinquency Notice from the OJC, you can find instructions for sending proof of disqualification for delinquent jurors online. 

10 reasons for disqualification from juror service

Reason Documentation required to prove disqualification
Not a U.S. citizen Alien Identification card number, visa status, or copy of passport.
Under age 18 at the time of summons Date of birth.
Over age 70 and choose not to serve Date of birth.
Not able to speak and understand sufficient English to perform juror service

Written statement that juror cannot speak and understand English, and the language spoken by the juror.

Moved permanently out of the county Current legal residence address.
Living out of the county/state for more than one year without returning

Current out-of-state address and brief explanation, e.g., active military service, medical internship.

Felony conviction within the last 7 years, currently incarcerated, or pending felony case

Specific felony charge within last seven years, including court and date of conviction, or location of current incarceration.

Pending felony charges: statement of felony charge including court where charge is pending.

Prior state or federal juror service Date and location of prior juror service (MA, Federal, or out of state).
Physically or mentally incapable of performing juror service A letter from a registered physician that states 1) the nature of your disability and 2) the physician’s opinion that the disability prevents you from performing jury duty. If you seek a permanent disqualification from juror service because of your disability, the physician’s letter must state that your disability is permanent and that you will never be able to perform juror service.
Primary caretaker of a permanently disabled household member A letter from a registered physician that identifies the person with a permanent disability by name, address and age; describes the nature of the care you provide; and provides the physician’s opinion that your performing jury duty would cause substantial risk of injury to the health of the person with a permanent disability.  Persons who are employed at a location other than the household that they share with the person with a permanent disability are not eligible for disqualification as primary caretaker.


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Contact   for Instructions for sending proof of disqualification from juror service


(617) 422-5869


Street Address
560 Harrison Ave., Boston, MA 02118
Mailing Address
560 Harrison Ave., Suite 600, Boston, MA 02118

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